Summer mode

Several things have me thinking about summer today. It’s the most gorgeous day ever, summer Fridays have begun, my babysitter is on vacation, and I’m fantasizing about my own summer trips—to San Francicso, to visit my new nephew and celebrate my 10th wedding anniversary, and to Maine at the end of August, to spend a week with family eating lobster, among other things. It got me thinking of a topic a couple of us have explored recently: summer reading.

I came upon some reviews and press about a new novel getting attention entitled simply Maine by J. Courtney Sullivan, a well-reviewed young writer. This sounds to me like the perfect vacation read, not to mention the kind of commercial women’s fiction I like best, about four women from the same extended family coming together at a beach house in Maine and all the emotional baggage that comes with it.

The other book that has grabbed my attention after seeing it at Book Expo, and reading some wonderful reviews is Ann Patchett’s new novel, State of Wonder. I’m a big fan of hers, and this new book looks very promising.

Those are the top two on my list right now. I’m wondering if anyone out there has read either book yet, and if you have any positive or negative feedback to share. I already ordered a copy of Maine, thinking it would be nice to share it with my mom and sister-in-law while we’re trying to relax in Maine (with 6 kids 6 and under, I think that concept might be akin to fiction, but I’m hoping for the best!).

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