A sunny Friday afternoon

So as you all know from reading the blog all week, BEA has just wrapped up, which means I’ve spent most of my week at the Javits Center.  Happily, I spent much of that in the one room in the place that’s sunny:  the International Rights Center.  It’s an unoriginal thought to be sure, but it remains surprising that a building made of glass has so little natural light.  Of course that also means that I have about a thousand (give or take) unanswered emails to take care of, and that’s before I even contemplate doing the follow up from my meetings, so time is a touch on the short side today.

It’s also short because today marks the return of publishing’s greatest tradition since the death of the three-martini lunch:  summer Fridays.  That hallelujah chorus of angels you hear is all the people in NY publishing frolicking in the sunshine having left their offices at 1.  I’ll be joining them as soon as I clear my inbox and desk of the appalling number of contracts that piled up while I was out (I know: good problem to have!).  One of my favorite things to do of a summer Friday is head home, ride my bike to Prospect Park or Coney Island, and read a book from cover to cover in the sunshine before meeting up with some friends for al fresco dining and drinks.  If you’ve never been in NY in the summer (and can handle a pedestrian city with humidity issues), it’s really the most glorious place.  Sunshine, warmth, free movies in the parks, and outdoor margaritas really bring out the best in us, and the transition from dreary winter through rainy spring to gorgeous summer is the best time of year to find people who aren’t wondering why on earth they live here.  It also helps that summer means getting out of town, and there is no time a New Yorker more loves New York than when he or she is just coming back from being somewhere else.

So in the interest of actually getting out of here before sundown so I can welcome the summer Friday back into my life, I’m asking you to do the heavy lifting for me:  what should I read, guys?  I’m looking for books that are fun, light, and not so dense that being distracted by a cool breeze will make me forget what happened on the last page.  Fiction or nonfiction, YA or adult, virtually any category will do!  I just need something that I can and would want to read in one sitting that will fill me with joy rather than ennui.  Books about death or intractable political conflict are best for rainy days, I find.

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  1. Becky Levine says:

    The book I’ve been recommending all over the place for the past couple of years is Steve Kluger’s MY MOST EXCELLENT YEAR: A NOVEL OF LOVE, MARY POPPINS, and FENWAY PARK. I think it would be perfect for summer Friday reading. :)

  2. Jenni Wiltz says:

    I loved Jeanne Kalogridis’s “The Borgia Bride.” It’s a historical, but fast-paced and easy going. It’s full of secrets, deception, sex…basically, the book version of the Showtime series.

  3. My Fake Boyfriend is Better than Your Fake Boyfriend was breezy and fun, lower YA, upper MG. Totally hilarious, totally adorable.

  4. Joelle says:

    I love all The Spellman Files books for a summer read. Also, I just read a Jennifer Cruise book, which is not a genre I normally read, but thought was kind of fun (and sexy).It was called TELL ME LIES. The Miss Julia books are pretty fun. Honestly, I love the Diary of a Wimpy Kid books, which are so not my type of book, but hey, what can I say? For fantasy, the Megan Whaler Turner books are OUTSTANDING and each one is better than the last, starting with THE THIEF. I actually didn’t think THE THIEF was anything particularly special (although well-written) until about two-thirds through it and then it knocked my socks off, so keep going!

    Your Fridays sound delicious! Enjoy.

  5. Teri Carter says:

    Read some Michelle Moran. Start with NEFERTITI, which you’ll polish off in a couple of days, and go straight to THE HERETIC QUEEN. Do not pass go, do not collect your $200. But you’ll still be very happy and relaxed …. and sorry when they’re finished.

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