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So many authors blog now, and the idea of not blogging at this point is one that is mostly frowned upon by agents and publishers. In such a competitive market, being out there and available is almost a prerequisite. This isn’t a new blog post, and the author is based in Romania, but an editor I work with often sent this link  to a client recently suggesting that she check it out for some good tips and ideas on blogging, and going through it I have to agree. While some of them are obvious, others are not so, and there are just so many of them that it really covers a lot of ground in addressing things you might not otherwise be thinking about. There are also a number of useful links to things like Google Sitemap that make it easy to add functions you might not currently have. Bottom line is this guy has done his homework, so you don’t have to! If there are any bits and pieces in this post you find really helpful or that you didn’t know before, let us know. In the meantime, Happy Blogging.

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  1. Little smokies this great. Thanks.

  2. Hillsy says:

    So what do you do if you find mass blogging somewhat futile and self-indulgent?

    Interlude for Rant:
    (maybe it’s because I’m English, but the idea of barfing thoughts all over the internet simply because you can makes me feel a little like the world is dying. Don’t get me wrong, blogging from a relatively unique position is invaluable to the sum total of the worlds knowledge. But if everyone blogs, what’s unique about that)

    This is a serious question. If you suffer from this affliction of reserved character, what can you do to fill this void? Can you wait until you’ve got an agent and something worthwhile to say? Or is it just worth reeling in on the writing dream altogether?

    Seriously, I’d like to know.

  3. Hillsy says:

    Disclaimer: I do appreciate the irony in plastering my opinion all over the comment section…=0) But I do also think it’s a fair question that a lot of people would relate to.

  4. PurpleRose says:

    Hillsy, I’m not British but grew up in a far more conservative culture in a Commonwealth country. I know exactly what you mean. I have the same problem. I created a website for people to pay tribute to other people’s good deeds. My Asian friends find it hard to tell a short stroy about goodness. Imagine having to bare your soul!!! I totally understand that agents are looking for marketing opportunities through blogs but if you have a mental illness and are writing a memoir, how does a blog help to sell more books? What if only five people have ever visited your site? Frankly I find it quite demoralizing but I will give it a go. Good luck Hillsy, maybe have a few pints at the pub and then start writing. It might be easier than you think.

  5. Stacey says:

    Thanks for your comments. I know it’s painful for some of us to consider blogging in any meaningful way. Believe me, I struggle with this every week :-0 But I think the larger picture here is about connecting with your audience, and with fellow writers too, however you might choose to make that happen. We all live in a community and the way we relate to one another within that community is what allows for us to share our collective experiences. Being out there online is sometimes a difficult thing to do, but I do believe that you will find surprises if you give it your all, many of them pleasant.

    And if blogging really isn’t for you, try reaching out to readers in other ways. Be creative, be persistent, be passionate, and you will find your way!

  6. Dragos Roua says:


    It’s only now that I see your link back to my blog. First of all, thank you for posting it. Second, blogging is one of the cheapest way to get your message in the light. Blogging is not a thing you do, it’s more like a medium. Like the air. You can speak whatever words you choose to and the air will propagate their vibrations to other people. Similarly, you can tell whatever story you want to say, and the blogging medium will propagate it to whoever might be interested.

    I see a lot of mental blocks in the comments but none of them is actually related to blogging. It’s more like “Am I really that worthy to get out in the wild and tell the story of my own life?”. This is not about blogging. This is just another problem that has to be sorted out before you decide you have something to say to the world.

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