Lately, my life has been a wild ride of work and planning. Planning what, you might ask? In the next four months, I’ll be moving into a new apartment and getting married (yep, I haven’t even sent the invitations yet). I mention this, because I have been hopelessly obsessed with Pinterest, an alarmingly fast growing social media site that I’m pretty sure was made for the bride-to-be. Nothing makes an hour+ commute go by like discovering all the cool stuff you can do with…well, anything. A sponge. An egg. A newspaper. Then, one day, I discovered Random House’s site. Jane Austen nerds rejoice–there’s a whole “board” full of neat Austen related ideas! There’s really no sense in me listing every last board (Literary tattoos! Amazing places to read!), because let’s face it, if you don’t see for yourself, you’ll seriously regret it. My two personal favorites are Literary Wedding (for obvious reasons) and Bookshelf Envy. What are yours? Do you know of another literary inspired board I should follow?

3 Responses to Pinterested

  1. Ryan Field says:

    I’m all over the place on Pinterest. It’s the first social media I’ve found that’s actually relaxing and fun. You can disappear for hours. And everyone’s nice…there’s no snark from what I can see.

  2. I have to admit, I just followed nearly all of Random House’s boards…AFTER wasting too much time looking at all of them :) I want everything on the “literary gifts” board!

  3. I’m new to pinning…but man oh, man do I have the bug now! Thanks for two new boards to follow.

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