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Successful query breakdown via an author and her agent

I was recently asked by my talented client Kristi Belcamino to join her in a guest post for Writer’s Digest in Chuck Sambuchino’s “Successful Queries” series to share her query letter and my response. I shared why I was drawn


The Successful Query: An Example

Borrowing from Mike’ s post, I thought I’d share a successful query.  When I received the below query letter I took note; it came with a compelling premise, excellent comp titles (the author hit on three novels I loved) solid


The Successful Query Letter: Exhibit A

Last week, Sharon cleverly used her post to invite reader feedback—the responses she received contained some good  suggestions and valuable constructive criticism.  Among other points, Lynn (who, it should be noted, has a fine editorial eye) suggested that instead of


A tale of a successful query

by Stacey We have been talking a lot about what our blog readers are looking for and how we might be better able to give it to them. Insights into our selection process seem to be well received, so I


Query quandary

We write a lot about queries on this blog.  A lot.  A query letter is the Moby Dick of the writer looking for an agent—crafting the perfect one can become an obsessive and bloody quest.  For those of us on


Successful queries to learn from, and a prize!

As you all know by now, I’m a huge fan of I think they offer such great resources to writers. And now I think I’ve found the most useful series yet, and not just because it’s edited by the


Query letters that worked

As anyone who’s even been to a writers’ conference can attest, query letters cause no end of consternation and angst. That’s totally understandable, by the way—as the first introduction of a writer to an agent, it gets assigned a huge


Query spam

Recently, Michael encouraged you not to sweat the small stuff in queries and to understand that it’s more important to write a great query than to worry about individual agents’ pet peeves or assume that one false move will get


Three Pitches

Further to Jane’s post discussing the selling process, I thought it might be interesting to take a closer look at pitch letters: first, a writer’s successful query letter, one that prompted to me to request the material and sign journalist



by Miriam At our morning meeting today, we were chatting about query letters and how to help authors who contact us (and other agents) make the best first impression possible. As we’ve mentioned many times on this blog, crafting a