Hating winter, loving contests

I do not love winter in general. Snow appalls me. I do not enjoy temperatures under 40. And I look terrible in hats. But two things happen in winter that bring me glimmers of hope: awards season (which I will not be discussing here) and the announcement of the Morning News’ annual Tournament of Books (which I will).

What the Tournament explains as its aim is revealing how silly the act of choosing works of art as the “best” is while also reveling in a little literary bloodsport. What it gives ME is a chance to obsess about a whole bunch of novels I meant to read in the previous year but hadn’t gotten to yet.

Every year, I get it in my head that I’ll read all of the novels in the tournament before it starts. I’ve only actually done it once, but like clockwork, when the list came out, I started stocking up on books. Especially because I had read a whopping ONE of the 17 books in contention this year. That being Rainbow Rowell’s delightful ELEANOR & PARK.

This past weekend I tore through one and a half of the other books on the list and bought a dozen more. I am a man on a reading mission. And I will stay that way until something gets in the way of me completing the task (like work…or life).

What I wonder is, does anyone else ever feel the need to be prompted to read more? Do you go through moments when the books keep piling up faster than you can read them until you eventually move whole piles and start new shorter to-be-read piles? And does anyone else want to join my read-‘em-all before March challenge? I got through HILL WILLIAM and a little over half of LIFE AFTER LIFE (which I’m loving!).

Full list here! http://www.themorningnews.org/article/announcing-the-morning-news-tournament-of-books-x

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Bad link.

  2. I like you hate the cold, I grew up in the city of Mosul, Iraq. temperature does not descend we have less than 32 ° F , but a few times a year and at night only . When I came like a political asylum to Chicago, at the end of 1999 , the bitter cold slapped my face, for the first time in my life. First time a freezing wind below zero percentile blows my face at a day time, first time I see the snow covers everything and first time my fingers and my feet been frozen , so I had in order to use a glove , but it does not work so much. I wrote a story about the cold and immigration , but in Arabic has not yet translated into English.
    Iraqi novelist

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