Lauren E. Abramo joined DG&B in 2005 after getting degrees in English at NYU and Irish Studies at NUI Galway. As VP and Subsidiary Rights Director for the agency she maintains a small client list and sells foreign and audio rights. She’s eagerly looking for middle grade (contemporary, fantasy, and adventure), contemporary YA, and smart, accessible adult fiction in a variety of categories, including literary, romance, thrillers, and women’s fiction.  She’s also interested in adult narrative nonfiction, especially pop culture, psychology, pop science, reportage, media, humor, and contemporary culture, primarily where those areas intersect with social justice.  In all categories she’s especially interested in underrepresented voices.  Born in New York City and raised not far outside it, she now lives in Brooklyn.

Lauren wants to see more…

Thrillers with a feminist bent


Lauren says...

My love of reading began early, when at three years old, I demanded that if my older brother were going to be taught to read, someone would have to teach me as well. My appetite for reading (and habit of demanding, no doubt) only grew from there!

When I was a kid, family reading time was one of my favorite parts of the day, and I felt tremendous pride when I could re-read on my own the books my mother had read to my brother, sister, and me. As an adult, reading bedtime stories to my nephews via video chat is one of the best parts of my week.

I’m grateful to have a career that offers me the chance to invest my time and energy in books that I love and to help amplify important new voices.