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W.M. AKERS is a novelist, playwright, editor, game designer, copywriter and, well, just about any other kind of writer you might require. He is the creator of Deadball: Baseball With Dice and Comrades: A Revolution RPG, and too many plays to mention here. He is also responsible for Strange Times, a weekly newsletter that investigates the weirdest news 1921 has to offer. His debut WESTSIDE is published by Harper Voyager, with a sequel to follow.

ADRIENNE BARBEAU is a star of film, television, theater, and the concert stage who made her Broadway debut as Hodel in Fiddler on the Roof. She was nominated for a Tony for the role of Rizzo in the original Broadway production of Grease and played Bea Arthur's daughter, Carol, in the hit series Maude. She also starred in HBO's Carnivale as Ruthie the Snake Dancer. Her titles include THERE ARE WORSE THINGS I COULD DO and the paranormal mystery VAMPYRES OF HOLLYWOOD, which she co-authored with Michael Scott. Her latest is the sequel to VAMPYRES OF HOLLYWOOD, entitled LOVE BITES.

JES BATTIS, Ph.D., is the author of academic books and a variety of scholarly articles in the areas of fantasy, television, and queer studies, including the books BLOOD RELATIONS: CHOSEN FAMILIES IN BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER AND ANGEL and INVESTIGATING FARSCAPE: UNCHARTED TERRITORIES OF SEX AND SCIENCE FICTION. He is also the author of the urban fantasy OSI Series, which includes NIGHT CHILDA FLASH OF HEXINHUMAN RESOURCESINFERNAL AFFAIRS, and BLEEDING OUT. As Bailey Cunningham, he is the author of the Parallel Parks series, which began with PILE OF BONES.

JULIET BLACKWELL is the New York Times bestselling author of the Witchcraft Mystery series and the Haunted Home Renovation Mystery series. As Hailey Lind she writes the Agatha-nominated Art Lover's Mystery series.

JACQUELINE CAREY’s amazing first novel, KUSHIEL’S DART, and its sequels, KUSHIEL’S CHOSEN and KUSHIEL’S AVATAR, compose the first part of a blockbuster fantasy epic, the Kushiel’s Legacy series. Comparable to Dune in scope and magnificence, the novels are set in a medieval world on the brink of extinction, whose fate lies in the hands of an unlikely courtesan spy. The second trilogy begins with KUSHIEL’S SCION, and is followed by KUSHIEL’S JUSTICE and KUSHIEL’S MERCY. The third trilogy begins with NAAMAH’S KISS, and continues with NAAMAH’S CURSE and NAAMAH’S BLESSING. She is also the author of a two-part series composed of BANEWREAKER and GODSLAYER, which explores the world of the Seven Shapers and their battles with good and evil. She has also written SANTA OLIVIA and its sequel, SAINTS ASTRAY. Her latest is DARK CURRENTS and AUTUMN BONES, the first two books in a new urban fantasy series. Carey’s currently at work on the third installment, POISON FRUIT.

SHIRLEY DAMSGAARD has been her town postmaster for 20 years. She comes from a literary family, has had short stories published, and is the author of a charming mystery series involving a town librarian and her grandmother, both of whom have “magick” powers. The Ophelia Jensen books are WITCH WAY TO MURDERCHARMED TO DEATHTHE TROUBLE WITH WITCHESWITCH HUNT, and THEWITCH IS DEAD. She is working on two more books in the series.

VICTOR GODINEZ is the author of THE FIRST PROTECTORS. He is a former newspaper reporter and currently works in public relations. He lives in Dallas, Texas, with his wife, Sarah, three kids, two dogs and, according to the most recent household census, two guinea pigs. You can find him on Twitter @VictorGodinez, where he rambles about self-driving cars, The Simpsons, and sci-fi.

RICHARD GROPP is a sci-fi/fantasy writer based in Seattle. His debut, BAD GLASS, won Del Rey’s Suvudu Writing contest. He is at work on a follow-up.

ELIZABETH HUNTER is the author of the Irin Chronicles and the bestselling paranormal Elemental Mysteries series, which includes A HIDDEN FIRETHIS SAME EARTHTHE FORCE OF WIND, and A FALL OF WATER, and the Elemental World series, including BUILDING FROM ASHES, BLOOD AND SAND and WATERLOCKED. Her Cambio Springs series begins with SHIFTING DREAMS, which takes place in a town of shapeshifters.

J. A. KONRATH, who regularly speaks at mystery and horror conventions, is the author of a series of thrillers starring Lt. Jacqueline (Jack) Daniels including WHISKEY SOURBLOODY MARYRUSTY NAIL; DIRTY MARTINI; FUZZY NAVEL; CHERRY BOMB; SHAKEN; and STIRRED. His horror books, AFRAIDENDURANCETRAPPEDORIGIN; and DRACULAS, are all written under the pseudonym Jack Kilborn. His science fiction novel, TIMECASTER, is written under the pseudonym Joe Kimball. He is also the editor of the anthology THESE GUNS FOR HIRE: 31 SHORT STORIES ABOUT HITMEN. With Ann Voss Peterson, he is the author of the Chandler trilogy, consisting of FLEE, SPREE, and THREE.

FONDA LEE writes science fiction and fantasy for teens and adults. Her debut, ZEROBOXER was an ALA Top 10 Quick Pick for Reluctant Readers. Her sci-fi follow-up, EXO, is forthcoming.

R.K. LILLEY is the author of the erotic romances LANA; the Up In The Air series, which began with IN FLIGHT; the Tristan & Danika series, which began with BAD THINGS; and The Wild Side series, which began with THE WILD SIDE. Her urban fantasy novel, BREATHING FIRE, as Rebecca K. Lilley, is the first in her Heretic Daughters series.

SHAWNTELLE MADISON is a web developer who loves to weave words as much as code. She is the author of COVETED and KEPT, urban fantasy novels featuring a New Jersey werewolf with hilarious hoarding tendencies. Her two erotic romance novels, AT YOUR SERVICE and BOUND TO SERVE are forthcoming.

E.S. MOORE is a stay-at-home dad and full-time writer whose debut, TO WALK THE NIGHT, launched a series of dark urban fantasy books that chronicle the adventures of supernatural assassin Kat Redding. His most recent book is the self-published LITTLE DAVID LOST.

LANCE PARKIN is a British author now living in the United States. He is best-known for his Doctor Who novels and other writing on that series. He was a storyline writer for the top-rated soap opera Emmerdale, and has written half a dozen books about that series. He has also written or co-written books on Philip Pullman’s His Dark Materials trilogy, Alias and Star Trek. He wrote a guidebook to the work of comics author Alan Moore and is the author of a forthcoming definitive biography on the same subject.

J.A. REDMERSKI is the author of the New York TimesWall Street Journal, and USA Today bestselling New Adult romance novels, THE EDGE OF NEVER and THE EDGE OF ALWAYSTHE SONG OF THE FIREFLIES, and THE MOMENT OF LETTING GO.  Her fantasy books include DIRTY EDEN and the Darkwoods trilogy.  She’s also the author of the romantic suspense series In the Company of Killers, which began with KILLING SARAI.

JAMES RILEY is the author of the Half Upon a Time series. His most recent work is the New York Times bestselling The Story Thieves series, which follows the adventures of non-fictional Owen, his half-fictional friend, Bethany, who can travel in and out of books, and the famous boy wizard they find in one of these books, Kiel Gnomenfoot. James is currently at work on the next novel is the series.

MADELINE SHEEHAN is the USA Today bestselling author of the Holy Trinity Trilogy and Undeniable series. Homegrown in Buffalo, New York, Madeline resides there with her husband and son.

DAVID SOSNOWSKI has worked as a gag writer, fireworks salesman, telephone pollster, university writing instructor, and environmental protection specialist, while living in places as different as Washington, DC; Detroit, Michigan; and Fairbanks, Alaska.  He currently lives in Michigan in a house previously owned by the sixth grade English teacher who inspired him to become a writer.  He is the author of two previous, critically acclaimed novels, Rapture and Vamped as well as the upcoming Happy Doomsday (47 North, September 1, 2018) and Buzz Kill (47 North, TBD).