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I can't say that reading was a habit I developed all on my own. My mother started reading to me before I can even remember, and by time she sent me off to kindergarten, she made sure I already had an interest in books. Some of my fondest childhood memories involve bedtime reading with my mom; whether it was Freaky Friday (my favorite children's book) or The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, it seemed like we were always reading something together. I remember being completely lost in these other worlds, eagerly awaiting the next book and next adventure. My love of books grew from that point on, though I never thought it would become a career.

In high school and college I studied visual arts, mostly photography and film. I felt that my creative energies were best suited to these media, until, after three years of college, I decided I needed a change.

When I began working at DGLM, I found that there was a way that I could help other artists achieve their goals. Truth be known, my tastes lie more on the non-fiction side; I love memoirs, biographies, histories, pop-science, current events, food writing and business—really, I'll read anything an author can make interesting.  Despite my love of nonfiction, I'm always looking for great novels, no matter if they're for adults, teens, or younger readers, as it was those great stories my mom read to me as a child that made me the reader I am today.




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