Sharon Pelletier Personal Essay

I think I was born with my nose in a book. At the age of three, I demanded that my mom teach me to read—my younger brothers kept her too busy to read the Little House books to me at an acceptable rate. Soon I was haunting the children’s library and writing lots of “books” in spiral notepads. During my college years, I figured out that I wanted to be even further behind the scenes —not writing books myself, but working closely with authors to make their writing the best it can be, and helping them reach as many readers as possible. As I’ve pursued my career in publishing, I’ve worked on all sides of the industry: in bookstores, at a small press and at a self-publishing company, and now with a literary agency. All of these experiences have expanded how I think about storytelling as content and books as container. It’s exciting to watch the publishing world adapt to new technologies, and to be a part of the growth and innovation possible with e-reading. My apartment is still full of bookshelves (and piles of books on the floor, if we’re being totally honest), and that will never change, but I’m starting a wild and happy affair with e-reading.