Brenna Barr Personal Essay

My devotion to all things literary began with the enchanting Beatrix Potter. In elementary school, aptly armed with four eyes, I hauled around so many books that I needed to trade in my backpack for a rolling suitcase.

The years following were filled with trips to the library during lunch, and then back again, right after the last bell rang. Even on our frequent family camping trips, I caught unremitting flak for wasting what little room we had in the canoe for my books, always wrapped in plastic bags should we capsize.

In college, I would bring a book to parties and friends would catch me, and later scold me for, reading in whatever secluded spot I could find. I spent my first four semesters as an Economics major, but after one elective course in Literature, I knew I was where I wanted to be. After an eye opening internship at a literary agency, I knew the enduring inner struggle between my scholarly side and business acumen had found perfect harmony