2 Responses to Some Thoughts on YA Publishing

  1. Will Berkeley says:

    New Adult as the next balloon might be an interesting follow up. I think the genre concerns of both are pretty played out. It’s all escapist literature in my mind. I can’t imagine being inspired as a young person to do anything with dystopia. Heading back to On The Road seems like a pretty good idea. I’d scratch around for something like that.

  2. Joelle says:

    What people earn writing is starting to look a lot like the music biz. Was checking my husband’s music sales today and he gets .01 cent when a song of his plays on Spotify or Google or whatever’s out there. For all we know, that one cent could be for twenty plays…they don’t really tell you much, just that if you want to be out there, you have to do this. For someone like him who’s done the whole music career a long time ago, it’s not such a huge deal…his fans still buy CDs (at gigs, he hasn’t sold ANY online this time around, but lots of downloads). He’s in a position to do house concerts, which almost resemble a living wage for the effort. But anyone out there who is thinking “career” in the way he had twenty years ago, one that pays the bills, is just out of luck. Downloads are a fraction of what you would’ve gotten for CDs. So many bars and clubs are now pay to play, too. You get some of the door, but you pay for the privilege to perform in the first place and you have to do your own publicity. And on the rare occasion you get paid, you get what my husband was earning in the nineties to play the same sorts of gigs.

    That whole thing has trickled down to nonfiction content for writers too. My first article sold for $750 in 1997. A dollar a word. I’d be hard pressed to get that now. Even organizations like SCBWI still pay me the same for an article that they did ten years ago.

    I’m not bitter about any of this, though because I get to write we’ve designed a life that allows us to live this way. Not everyone can do that though and I find it sad overall. But then the optimist in me kicks in (yes, I’m a Cubs fan) and I think, well, maybe I’ll end up one of the top people someday, and if not, I’ll enjoy the process. As for everything you said, Michael, I do think it’s important that we all are aware of it though.

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