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A while back (a year, maybe more—my conception of time is shockingly horrible, bordering on nonexistent), Sharon did a blog post asking for feedback from our readers. What we heard was eye-opening to say the least.

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All of it was informative and very helpful—and I believe it led to a better year in blogging for DGLM and our readers. So I will do so again here. Let’s call it our year-end review.

What do you guys enjoy about our blog? What keeps bringing you back for more? What would you like to see us do differently, do better?

This is your chance for some input. Our readers are important to us, and we want to blog about what you want to read about. So please, don’t hold back. What’s on your mind?

7 Responses to Tell us how we’re doing

  1. Well, for one thing your ancient captcha just erased my entire comment when I typed it in wrong. That truly is something you should consider fixing. I bet people leave comments, have them erased, and never come back.

    ANYWAY, I went from reading 20 agent blogs down to three: Kristin Nelson, Janet Reid and you guys. Admittedly I am not a writer that reads an agent blog to get an idea of what to submit (having gone indie pub), but I like to keep current on a few things. Here’s what I like:

    Posts about new deals
    Post about new releases
    Cover reveal posts
    Posts about what attracted you to a client
    Posts about the writing craft of your clients


  2. Kate says:

    I’ve followed this blog for years as well as Janet Reid’s. I knew nothing about the industry when I started and DGLM has taught me about how deals are made, the role of the agent, how to have mental strength (Amy Morin), how to improve my writing, and I’ve connected with other writers through this blog.

    The Captcha thing is a real issue.

    Other than that, I think having your authors do guest posts would be interesting. Stories about surviving the query trenches, the second book, critics, and book tours, would help inform new writers.

    I look forward to reading this blog each week!

  3. Okay, looking at the page source code I was surprised you are using WordPress. WordPress has a vastly superior spam catcher add-on called Akismet. It does away with all the bad Captcha designs.

    I mainly read your blog through Feedly, but I believe your blog software is outdated and not doing you any favors in maintaining a dialog. If you click on my name and follow to my website, you can see what is actually possible with WordPress software. When someone comments on my blog, if they have not commented before, I have to approve their comment. Then they are able to comment freely.

    For spam, however, Akismet catches 100% of it, so I am only approving real comments.

    In any event, I read every article published on this site, so, thank you for your interesting posts.

  4. This might be a small quibble, but I almost never see staff responses to comments. I don’t know if that’s a policy or something but I feel like a robust back-and-forth could create a better sense of dialogue and maybe even community. But, like the other commenters I’ve followed for years and intend to continue, so your content is certainly top-notch.

  5. Lynn says:

    I agree with everything the others have said here.

  6. Stacey says:

    Hi guys, wanted to say thanks for your thoughts and suggestions. We will try harder to respond more often (we do try!)and the captcha is an ongoing issue for us too trying to comment so hopefully we can get that resolved soon. Thanks, Anthony and Kate, for your specific suggestions too!

  7. DGLM says:

    All great feedback, guys! Thanks! Certainly a lot to keep in mind for future posts.

    (And Anthony, pretty cool website. I especially like the design.)

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