Snow Day!

Much of NYC shut down yesterday afternoon so that people could get home early and stay safe and warm through the predicted 2-3 feet of snow that Winter Storm Juno was predicted to dump on us. The subway system, commuter trains, and bus lines closed at 11 pm, which was also the curfew for all non-emergency traffic on the roads.


Columbus Triangle in Astoria yesterday afternoon

And while NYC didn’t get as much snow as Long Island and other parts of New England –“just” 11 inches so far here in Queens – the DGLM office is nevertheless closed today. In this happy age of Wifi and smartphones, a lot of our business can carry on close to normal. I think everyone in publishing is excited for a day out of the office to get caught up on the manuscripts piled up on our e-readers.

And because I was homeschooled, I never got to miss school during even the blizzardiest Michigan winter. So I’m working from the comfort of my couch, catching up on submissions, finishing a couple promising manuscripts, and maybe even sneaking peeks into the amazing David Foster Wallace Reader I picked up at my local bookstore this weekend. I am emailing in my pajamas until at least lunch time, and counting it as a Snow Day.

If you’re snowed in, what are you reading today? Any tips for making the best of a unexpected work-from-home day?

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