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With a three-day weekend fast approaching* and deliciously devoid of any plans whatsoever, I’m imagining what sort of cozy fall activities (e.g. reading in a sweater and eating pie in a sweater) I can get up to and where. My mind immediately jumps to a rotation of coffee shops and a selection of books. Only I need some new books to read, so I’ll likely stop by my local bookshop as well.

And it’s a bit serendipitous and a bit cruel punishment that they’re so far out of reach, but I just scrolled through this list of 19 Magical Bookshops Every Book Lover Must Visit and spent the next couple minutes just staring at the sofa that accompanies the listing for Hatchard’s in London, imagining reading in the window on that particular seat. While it’s pretty lovely for the Brits that this list doesn’t just focus on London or even, it seems, large cities in general, that doesn’t really help me over here on this side of the pond—though how cool is the Honesty Bookshop?!?

I know there are lists everywhere for super great New York City bookstores, and I feel lucky to live in a place where independent bookstores can and do thrive if done correctly. That’s of course not always totally the case outside of any metro area. What I’d love is to hear about or see photos of small time bookstores across the country. If I collect enough of them, then there I’ve got my idea for the cross-country road trip I’ve always wanted to take…


*Thank you, Christopher Columbus! I mean. Um, I know you were meant to be a terrible person, horrible, really, so maybe. Hm. Well. Yes, yes, I mean I’ll still take the day off.

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  1. My favorite independent bookstore is Robots & Rogues in Lafayette, Indiana. While they focus on fantasy & science fiction, they carry everything, and they have lots of great author signings, book clubs, game nights, and more.

    West Lafayette also has Von’s Books, which is an independent bookstore that’s been around at least thirty years. And Indianapolis has Indy Reads Books, which I haven’t yet visited but have heard is fantastic. :)

  2. Joelle says:

    Ditch Christopher Columbus and come on over the the Canadian side of things. Monday is our Thanksgiving. So break out the sweater, the books & the pies! Happy Thanksgiving, eh?

    I don’t have a bookstore to recommend…well, there’s Munro’s in Victoria, but I have a soft spot for the River Forest, IL public library (Chicago – http://www.yelp.ca/biz_photos/river-forest-public-library-river-forest#1TJsKEmPYiUn-S4PtYOoaA ). I was only there in the summer, but it had big reading chairs and a fireplace for the winter. If I ever find myself in Chicago in the winter, I’ll be going there for sure.

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