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Today I bring some smart and simple advice on growing your website or blog traffic from the always entertaining Chuck Sambuchino. In his column for thewritelife.com he offers tips for growing your platform. This has become widely applicable not only for nonfiction authors, for whom a large following is mandatory, but also for writers of fiction who need to engage with their audience as well.

It’s also worth paying attention to the comments section of the piece because there’s some good additional advice scattered throughout there as well, both from the editors at thewritelife.com and from authors who’ve tried things not included in Chuck’s list.

From an agent’s perspective as we are considering a new author, it’s so helpful to be able to confirm that the author has a good sense of social media and how to effectively run a website or blog. Even if the numbers aren’t huge, a successful site is one that’s professional, informative, and provides consistently updated content. Good luck, and let us know if you have any tips not included here.

3 Responses to Boost your traffic

  1. Lynn says:

    There are conflicting reports by various agents on this topic concerning fiction writers. (Yes, it’s different for nonfiction.) Some agents definitely want an internet presence, while other agents say they couldn’t care less. One agent recently said, don’t waste valuable time on the internet that could be used for writing! I guess it all depends on the agency and the agent.

    I can see both points of view. One agent is looking at the present while the other is looking toward the future. I think I’m internet/social media savvy, but I also try to limit the time I spend there because it does take away from the time I could be writing.

  2. Stacey says:

    Thanks, Lynn. You raise good points. One thing I should have mentioned is that I think it’s important to engage with your readers AFTER you are published. For fiction, I agree it’s less important to have an online following (although it certainly doesn’t hurt) before you find an agent and publisher. Hope that helps to clarify from my POV.

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