Read this piece (aka more on Stephen King)!

I am really not obsessed with Stephen King. I do think he’s amazing and a genius, and I’d like to spend a day living inside his brain, but I really don’t follow his every move. Which is why it’s kind of funny that I’m doing another post about him.

I recently shared a link with what I thought was some great advice from Stephen King, and now I want to share with our readers an article I came upon this week while cleaning out my bathroom (I store much of my best reading material there!). It’s from an August, 2013 issue of the New York Times Magazine, and it goes into some detail about the immediate King family, all of whom have storytelling in their blood. I find it beyond fascinating that this entire clan lives and breathes books and writing, stories and ideas. Not to mention they genuinely seem to have a strong affection for one another, despite some very rough and rocky times.

One of my favorite anecdotes is about how when King’s kids were little and he needed books to listen to while driving, he’d have them record the books he was interested in hearing. It’s brilliant! I’m going to get my kids to start recording books immediately. I can’t think of a better family activity.

I also loved reading about King’s daughter in-law, Kelly Braffet’s, entrée into the family. Can you imagine being an aspiring writer (she met King’s son at the Columbia MFA writing program in 2001) and meeting your future in-laws named Stephen and Tabitha King for the first time?

And yet another great anecdote comes from King’s son, Joe, who struggled as a writer for years unwilling to use his dad’s name to sell books. He went beyond using a pseudonym, Joe Hill, refusing to even admit who he was to his literary agent for 8 years (a time during which he did not sell a book)!

The stories go on. Anyone interested in writing should read this article. To me, it illustrates how important it is that the environment we create for ourselves and our families be one that allows for thoughtful and creative thinking. If you surround yourself with smart people who have similar interests and ideas, you will naturally find yourself gravitating in that direction.

I hope you enjoy learning more about the King family, and that they inspire you to be better writers, readers, and storytellers.

4 Responses to Read this piece (aka more on Stephen King)!

  1. Jenni Wiltz says:

    If I were Kelly, I’d have died of fright before meeting the future in-laws! Having a supportive family is so important, though. There are lots of times when I get angry or depressed because of what I’m writing, but the fam understands I don’t need psychiatric help. I’m just immersed in a world, and I’ll be fine once I emerge. They also know it’s not a warning sign when I Google weird stuff like weapons or how to break into things. :)

  2. Well, I wish I will have that smart family. But in the real world, most of people is an average people. Thus, all of us are average!

  3. Stacey says:

    Thanks for your comments, Jenni and Michael. Really funny, Jenni. Good cover. I really loved the piece. The King family is so fascinating. Thanks for reading and responding!

  4. Lynn says:

    Interesting article, Stacey. The part I especially liked was the end where both Stephen and his son, Joe, were thinking of stealing Joe’s youngest son’s title for a new book. I’m sure we’ll be seeing The Bad Thing by Stephen King in the not too distant future!

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