A crowning achievement

Monday,  April 14, was the day of the first Passover seder.  Because of that I was at home preparing food for my family and guests.  At around 3:00, I checked my e-mail  and saw that an amazing thing had happened.  My client Dan Fagin had been awarded the Pulitzer Prize in the category of general non-fiction for his astounding work on TOMS RIVER (Bantam Books 2013).

fagin 2

Of course, TOMS RIVER had received gushing reviews from The New York Times, The Philadelphia Inquirer, Publishers Weekly, Booklist, USA Today and many other publications, and it had won a Books for a Better Life award in its category. We (Dan and I), however, were not made aware that it was a finalist for the Pulitzer and so this win came as a complete surprise.  Both of us were simply stunned.

Over the years I have been fortunate to work with a number of Pulitzer Prize winning journalists on their books but I have never had one of the books I worked on from the idea stage on actually win this great American prize.  There is, in my opinion no one more deserving than Dan Fagin, because of his brilliant research, beautiful prose, and tenacity in telling a powerful and important story.

Dan worked on TOMS RIVER  for six years.  Through that period, for various reasons, he lost one editor after another, although he finally wound up with the very talented Ryan Doherty.  Dan’s winning this award proves more than ever that hard work pays off.  I have rarely seen an author work harder on a book.

I am so incredibly proud to have been a part of this project.  We here, at DGLM, are very proud of Dan’s incredible achievement.  I hope you will all join me in wishing Dan Fagin a well earned congratulations.

Bravo, my friend.  Way to go!

4 Responses to A crowning achievement

  1. Lynn says:

    Congratulations to both you and Dan Fagin! Six years of hard work has definitely paid off. Thank you for sharing that information, Jane. We often see the results, but remain unaware of the journey it took to get there. Bravo, Dan!

  2. Kevin Grange says:

    Great news–and so inspiring on many levels! Cheers to Dan, DGLM and Bantam Books! I will order a copy today :)

  3. Katie Newingham says:

    Not knowing anything about Mr. Fagin prior to him winning the Pulitzer, I read the excerpt of his book, and quickly understood why he won. But that’s not what impressed me about him. What made me look up to him was his long term commitment to writing and to telling stories that have the potential to inspire change. He also seems to be a humble man, not expecting anything, and being more than content with his life with or without a prize.

  4. Dan Fagin says:

    Thanks very much, everyone, but I’m a long way from a saint, as Jane could tell you (though I hope she doesn’t!). All best, Dan

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