At year’s end

I’m finding it very hard to believe that 2013 is already coming to a close. It’s been quite the year, and I’m thankful to all of my clients, the dedicated editors and other publishing professionals with whom we work, and most of all my colleagues at DGLM, who always welcome me with open arms (and loads of snark) on my trips back East.

Though I’m sad to see 2013 go, I’m also looking forward to what promises to be a very interesting 2014. My clients have some amazing books coming out, and I’m eager to see the first feature film based on one of my author’s books.

So what’s missing from my 2014? Some new clients! Though I have a fantastic roster of authors who keep me busy, I’m always on the hunt for the new and undiscovered. As always, I’m on the hunt for middle grade and young adult books, the more challenging, daring, unique and spectacular, the better. If you’re flouting conventions and pissing people off, I’m in.

But I’d also love to see more narrative nonfiction submissions, particularly in science, technology and cultural studies. If you’ve got something on space or physics, that’s probably at the top of my list. I’m fascinated by the recent discoveries related to the Higgs boson, as well as experiments trying to prove that the universe is actually a hologram. If you can make my brain hurt but also teach me something, I’m in!

I hope all of our blog readers have a lovely holiday, and I’m looking forward to seeing you all again in 2014!

4 Responses to At year’s end

  1. Lynn says:

    Ooh, like you, I have a passion for quantum physics. I read Michael Talbot’s The Holographic Universe over twenty years ago and within the last several years interesting developments have taken place. Just last year scientists have begun doing experiments to see whether our universe is merely a computer simulation and we’re just a programmed computer game!

    According to quantum mechanics everything is energy and nothing is solid. Matter is an illusion, a hologram – it doesn’t exist. As Einstein once said, “Reality is an illusion, albeit a persistent one.”

    What is so fascinating is the more we learn about ourselves, our universe, the stranger it becomes. When you get into the multiverse theory, parallel universes, then things really get crazy! Just last month Professor Robert Lanza at a North Carolina university stated that because of this multiverse theory, it proves that death itself is an illusion.

    It brings to mind another quote I love by Robert Jastrow, former Director of NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies. “For the scientist who has lived by his faith in the power of reason, the story ends like a bad dream. He has scaled the highest peak; as he pulls himself over the final rock, he is greeted by a band of theologians who have been sitting there for centuries.”

    Sorry Michael, as you can see, I get carried away! I, too, wish you and yours a wonderful holiday.

  2. Kevin A. Lewis says:

    It’s been fashionable ever since Krishna was walking around to claim that nothing exists, but one might better say that it’s all a temporary, ever-changing reality that is quite substantial in the moment, so one avoids provoking Bigfoot with jerky sticks and sticking one’s head in a running jet engine for a closer look. And a very quantum Christmas to all and to all a good night; I assume that everyone around the office is going to be off till January?

  3. Kevin A. Lewis says:

    I suppose we can’t close out the year without taking a minute to remember Ned Vizzini, who committed suicide at the age of 32 just awhile ago; he was a YA backfield player that I didn’t spend a lot of time reading as either a bookseller or writer, but he was able to make a living as a writer from a fairly early age, which is more than a lot of writers can say, including my good self. I know nothing of his personal backstory, and so will refrain from commenting about his actions, except to observe that we know about as much about the mind and the forces which act upon it as physicians in the 14th Century knew about bacteria, and so I would counsel everyone to keep whatever amulets and formulaic remedies for holding back the dark one has on hand in good working order, and we’ll all sing in the New Year as best we can. Requiem aeternum, Ned….

  4. Happy upcoming 2014, Michael!

    Are you looking for straight-up young adult or more of the “New Adult” fiction?

    If you’re looking for New Adult, I’ll send something your way… when I’m done with edits. :)

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