Giving thanks

It’s that time of year again—I can’t believe it’s here already—and I find myself thinking about all of those things I am thankful for.

First and foremost, I am thankful for my family – my husband Steve, my whip-smart daughter Jessica and her loving husband Brian, my handsome son Zach, and my darling  granddaughter Elena who always makes me smile.  Were it not for you, my life would be meaningless.

Zach and Steve; Jessica and Brian at their wedding, with Zach, Steve, and me; Elena

I am thankful for my dad who turned 101 on Halloween, who was my mentor, and who I now have the good fortune to be caring for.

Me with my father

And then there are the people I work with every day, each one of them so very special in their own way: Miriam Goderich, Michael Bourret, Jim McCarthy, Stacey Glick, Lauren Abramo,  Jessica Papin, John Rudolph, Michael Hoogland, Sharon Pelletier, and Rachel Stout!  You all make my life so much easier each and every day.  We are a great team and I am very proud of what we’ve accomplished together.

Our clients, every one of them.  Without them, we wouldn’t exist.  I am constantly saying that we are what we are because of the enormous talent we represent.

My colleagues on the publishing side; the reason I have stayed in the business so long is because it is filled with wonderful, creative people.  Without you, doing business wouldn’t be nearly as fun as it is.

I am thankful for the books I have represented this last year, many of which have become bestsellers.  I am thankful for the ideas we generate, many of which eventually result in great books.

I am thankful for my friends, both within our business and outside of it.  Without friendship, I couldn’t exist.

Most of all, I am thankful for the blessings I have been given both in my personal life and my work life.  There are very few days that go by when I don’t think about how lucky I am to have all of this and more.

I’d love to know what you are thankful for – it’s that time of year after all.

5 Responses to Giving thanks

  1. Kevin A. Lewis says:

    I’ll interpret this great post as a salvo in the “Take Back Thanksgiving” wave that is soon to sweep the nation as soon as… well, it’s coming. Anyway, since you’re lucky enough to still have your dad with you, be sure to get him talking about pretty much anything he saw back in the day; my dad passed on at the unfortunately youthful age of 93 before I could buy him a DVD player so he could watch SUN VALLEY SERENADE with Glenn Miller and Sonja Henie. (Yes, Virginia, they did have break-dancing in the 1940’s) I’m assuming everone will be more or less out of the office for this week, so Happy Thanksgiving right back atcha, eh, what? By the way, SUN VALLEY hasn’t been released on American DVD yet, to the best of my knowledge; I’ve been watching a disc from a European distributor that my friend got me-one of the top 5 holiday films of all time-ask your dad!

  2. Kevin Grange says:

    Thank you for a great post! I think when people share their happiness it invites us to get in touch with our own. In my case, I’m thankful for my amazing family, friends, good health, that I am able to help people as a paramedic, share stories as a writer and that I’ve had the honor of working with DGLM this year. Of course, I’m thankful the Red Sox won the World Series but I realize saying that on a NY-based blog might get me in trouble :) Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. Siri Kirpal Kaur Khalsa says:

    Thank you for a wonderful post!

    Every year I’m grateful that I’m grateful. It’s the root of all happiness.

    This year at 9am on Thanksgiving Day, my mother called to say that my oldest surviving aunt had passed peacefully in her chair that morning, two days after her 92nd birthday. I was and am grateful that she was released (as indeed, she wanted to be) and that I was with a community of uplifting people that day.

  4. The health of my family…myself…my friends. As a former nurse, I know how difficult life can be when you can’t manage the simplest of tasks.

    I’m beyond happy the voices in my head result in an income and not incarceration. It’s a fine line…but someone needs to tread it.

    Love ya, Jane…but then you know that!

  5. Stacey says:

    This is so nice, Jane. I agree we are a great team. Love the family photos!

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