Brooklyn Book Festival

Sunday was a bright beautiful fall day – perfect weather for the Brooklyn Book Festival! This was my third year in attendance, and it was the best year yet. What made this year so great? Well I’m glad you asked!

 1. My color-coded schedule. Don’t laugh! With so many fantastic author panels happening at the same time, it’s easy to get as overexcited as this fall-loving husky. Thanks to advance planning, my festival buddies and I knew exactly what events we wanted to attend at each hour of the day. – with back-up choices at the ready. And, believe it or not, one of my back-ups turned out to be the best panel of all! (See #2!)

 2. Literature for real life: I attended a panel in the gorgeous Brooklyn Historical Society Library: Get a Job! To Have and Have Not in America Today, a discussion between three authors of books on the impact of the economic downturn on society and culture. Now, I love a discussion of lyrical prose and wild imagination as much as the next bookaholic, but this dose of reality was both informative and inspirational. Bonus: one of the books is about my very own dear beleaguered homeland, Detroit.

 3. Lunch-time: Learning from last year’s experience waiting in long lines at delicious-but-overpriced food carts, I packed a lunch and ate it on the steps of the library, behind the children’s tent, eavesdropping on an author reading his picture book in Spanish and English to an enthralled group of little ones. Food for the tummy and the soul.

 4. New discoveries! In additional to panels, the Festival features an exhibit area where you can get to know small presses, indie authors, and literary organizations. Have you ever heard of the lit mag Armchair/Shotgun? Me either, but they were raffling off a typewriter – guaranteed to make an impression on lovers of artisanal writing.

 Have you been to any book festivals recently? What were your highlights?


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