The other weekend I participated in a Read-a-thon. Organized by some book bloggers that I follow, the Read-a-thon goal was a relatively unambitious 24-in-48. That is, read for 24 hours out of a 48-hour weekend. And yes, I said unambitious – there are Read-a-thons out there that are 24-in-24!

It’s been a hectic summer, so I liked the idea of a quiet weekend with nothing to do but read. Can’t do laundry, won’t go grocery shopping, so much for vacuuming the apartment – I’m busy with a Read-a-thon, thank you. (It’s like a marathon, but less chafing.)

Though once I started reading on the clock, I was infinitely distracted. Keeping track of my time spent reading paradoxically made it really difficult to spend time reading. Better make a snack. Oops, forgot to update my Goodreads lists. Time for more coffee. Maybe I should check out the blogs of the other Read-a-thonners. I was hyperconscious of the Read-a-thon’s 48 hours ticking by, and couldn’t quite lose myself in any of the excellent books I had piled up.

In the end, it was still a lovely weekend of reading, though my hours logged won’t win me any medals.

Anyone else done a Read-a-thon? Any tips for reading against the clock?

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