Who do you call? (Not Ghostbusters)

When you’re looking for a new book to read, who do you listen to? The broad selection of books can be overwhelming – walk into a bookstore and you’re confronted by table after table, shelf after shelf, of unopened books with the fresh smell of ink luring you towards them. Or turn on your e-reader and scroll through the e-bookstore, cover after exciting cover designed especially to catch your eye and pull your thumb to the “Buy” button.

So how do you choose? Do you ask friends and coworkers what they’ve loved? If so, maybe you have certain friends that you can count on to recommend a read that’s just up your alley…and certain others whom you have learned the hard way never to ask for a suggestions. What if your brother only reads really gritty war novels, but you’re looking for something cheery for the beach. Or the woman next door churns through self-improvement titles when you really want the next meaty political memoir. After all, one reader’s trash is another reader’s literary treasure.

Maybe you play it safe by checking reviews online, or asking a bookseller. Most booksellers are in it for the love of it – nothing makes their eyes light up like being asked what they’ve read recently. Same goes for reviewers, whether it’s the venerable New York Times Book Review, The Millions webmag, or a YA reader active on Goodreads. Lauren recently asked all of you blog readers for suggestions, while I myself rely on an even mix of what’s buzzy on Twitter, what’s new at the library, what my friends in publishing are excited about, and whatever catches my eye during my weekend used bookstore prowls.

Where did you hear about the last book you read?

2 Responses to Who do you call? (Not Ghostbusters)

  1. Joelle says:

    Twitter chatter. Friends, the librarian, DGLM clients, and I get a lot of books after listening to arts programs like Front Row (BBC Radio 4) and The Next Chapter with Shelagh Rogers (CBC).

  2. Lauren says:

    I struggle with this one sometimes…so many book blogs, and not enough time! My favorites for recommendations are always the staff picks at my local bookstore, and also from the books section of The Atlantic.

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