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I recently attended the Writers’ League of Texas conference and it was so fun to spend my brief 40 hours in Austin with great people (including my lovely client Kim Smith), smart ideas, delicious food, and wonderful ambiance in the city of Austin.

There were many highlights, but one in particular that stands out was Writer’s Digest Editor Chuck Sambuchino’s key note address at the luncheon on Saturday. It was so entertaining and so packed with good advice for authors that I wanted to share a recap of it here that was created by a conference attendee.

He basically went through his top 10 pieces of advice for writers, which include topics such as build your writer platform, always keep moving forward, write for money and write for love, don’t give an agent or editor a reason to reject you, and put down the remote control. All of them are timeless, and his speech was filled with funny anecdotes that tied all the points in to each other seamlessly. Unfortunately it’s impossible to capture the nuances of what he said and how he said it here (I’d recommend you try to find him at a conference near you), but you can always buy his writing books.

I hope you find this useful. I think like everything in life a lot of this is easier said than done but even the simple reminders posted up on your wall and referenced regularly will help keep you focused and on track. Good luck!


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  1. Lynn says:

    Thanks for the links, Stacey. Chuck’s website is a wealth of information for any writer dreaming of being published one day.

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