Good advice from a cheapskate!

Those of you who read our blog regularly know that I often share articles from Writer’s Digest. I was so pleased  when I saw my own client, Jeff Yeager, aka The Ultimate Cheapskate, show up in my inbox!

I think the advice he offers in his piece to writers about questions to ask before quitting your day job is worth sharing with our readers. For many aspiring writers, writing remains a hobby for an often lengthy period of time until you break through to the next level. Even after th are published, there are many writers who still maintain a day job (including  bestselling ones like Jane O’Connor and Colin Harrison, both of whom are editors at major publishing houses).

Jeff interviews many writers and the anecdotal support he shares is educational and enlightening. I particularly like Ellyn Spragin’s comment that she is a full-time entrepreneur whose business is built around writing. Because writing in this market really is now about so much more than writing.

And even if you do not have the luxury of being able to choose to write full-time, Jeff’s advice is as always sound, accessible and practical which offers valuable food for thought. And much of it can be applied to anything you do, like coming up with a Plan B. That’s always a good idea, no matter what your job or financial situation!

One Response to Good advice from a cheapskate!

  1. D. C. DaCosta says:

    Good stuff.
    My first thought in reading your blog was, if you write full time, you spend too many hours in the company of your characters (or topic). That does not make for a well-rounded, balanced personality — and if you write fiction, it robs you of the chance to pick up ideas from the odd or surprising things that people do in real life.
    Glad to see an article with substance and truth in it.

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