Yet another holiday list…

There’s little else besides holiday parties and lists on my mind these days, so when I saw this funny and insightful piece on Flavorwire today about the 10 books your relatives know of that you don’t, I knew I had to blog about it. We all know that books have the amazing ability to connect perfect strangers in ways unmatched by any other media, but this piece works to help us connect to those we already know. And to piggyback a bit on Miriam’s last blog, it’s a nice tip sheet for those of us whose family and friends assume you’ve read everything just because you work in publishing.

Take a look. And who knows—you may even have a book or two in common!

2 Responses to Yet another holiday list…

  1. I’ve heard of five! This means I’m either very up on my book news or I’m that relative.

  2. EDWARD says:

    A good portion of these books are by famous authors, most are bestsellers, a few are books about vampires. The build-up gave out the impression that these were books or authors or plots which had been overlooked by the huddled masses. Had this been the case, the piece would have been worth the time it took to read. When they came out with a book about Abraham Lincoln having a run-in with vampires, I knew vampires as a subject had been embarrassingly overdone. The book about the brain surgeon who has proof of God sounds interesting. I should not be the person ferreting out gems from a collection over hyped books by famous people. The person who wrote the list should have done that. The list, for the most part, was a disappointment.

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