Welcome, Yassine Belkacemi!

Since its inception, our digital publishing program has been happily growing, both in the number of authors participating and in the number of titles published.  Currently we have 40 authors and 133 books in the program.

I am delighted to announce that we have now hired a full time project manager for this program who, in just a few short weeks, has already increased our percentage of growth.

Yassine Belkacemi was born in Scotland where he did his undergraduate studies at University of Edinburgh.  He then received a Master’s Degree at Columbia University here in New York.  He has been interning for us since May of 2011, and I have been eager to find a permanent place for him on our staff.

I hope you will all join me in welcoming Yassine as the newest member of the DGLM family.

2 Responses to Welcome, Yassine Belkacemi!

  1. Kevin A. Lewis says:

    Well, I assume from this post that you’re at least provisionally up and running again, even if several midtown streets are still blocked off till they get Donald Trump’s hair down from that 30-story highrise… So, congrats, hang in there, and we’re all still out here watching; easy for me to say, coming from the other coast where good news is that the mudslides have put out the fires….

  2. katiehayoz says:

    Great news!!!

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