I think I’ve used the word grateful more in the last few weeks than in the previous year combined.  It’s not just Thanksgiving just around the corner, but the many discussions centering around how the city is doing in the wake of Hurricane Sandy.  With gratitude on my mind, I hope you’ll all forgive a Thanksgiving post just a bit early.

I’m thankful for:

Living on high ground.  Being fortunate enough to be spared damage when others aren’t.  The fact that I have people in my life who’d be able to help me out and take me in if I hadn’t been.  Working with people whose emails didn’t say, “I need to hear back from you on this,” but instead “I hope everything is okay for you.” and “I know that you’re probably catching up right now, so no rush.”

The stellar year that DGLM is having.  Especially the clients that make that possible.  I can hardly keep up with the best of list appearances and readers’ choice awards for our clients!  And while we’re the kind of busy that makes our heads spin, that’s the kind of busy that pays the bills, too.  All that and I get to be proud of what I do and excited about what I get to read.

My colleagues, who challenge and inform and entertain me daily.  Jane’s vision in pushing us all to see change as opportunity rather than threat.  The fact that the same incredible team that was the agency when I began is with the agency now, more than seven years on.  And the fact that even now they still answer my questions without much complaint.

An industry that’s got it’s fair number of challenges, but is still full of vibrant, intelligent, creative, exciting people.

My family–it’s not been the easiest year for them all, but they handle it with grace and they’re still intact, in spite of everything.  My sister and her family moving back to New York State from Puerto Rico.  I’m sad that we never made it to the bioluminescent bay, but I’m really looking forward to harassing my nephews in person on a more regular basis.  The fact that my nephews aren’t old enough to be sick of me yet.

The fact that you all are for some crazy reason bothering to read what I write.  Thanks, everyone!

2 Responses to Gratitude

  1. Lauren,

    What a heartfelt post!

    Thanksgiving season always has a special place in my heart, sometimes bitter-sweet, other times plain old sweet.

    It was around this time 13 years ago when !Stacey Glick! saw my manuscript in “the slush pile” (she is so dear; later she told me: “I had found a gem in the slush”)

    I am happy to see on Stacey’s facebook page that she and her family enjoyed Thanksgiving Day. Hope you and your loved ones did too.

    I wish everyone at DGLM a safe, peaceful, wonder-ful holiday season!


    Teresa LeYung Ryan
    author of Love Made of Heart (mother-daughter love story)
    By the way, Love Made of Heart (Kensington Publishing Corp.) celebrates her 10th anniversary this year!
    coach, author of Build Your Writer’s Platform & Fanbase In 22 Days:
    Attract Agents, Editors, Publishers, Readers, and Media Attention NOW

  2. Sej Harman says:

    I loved the post (all of them, actually), yours especially although it’s already after Thanksgiving and well into the Christmas season–at least for retailers if not for most of us consumers. I thought that since you’re in the writing/literature/book business, you might want to revise the sentence below…and remove the extra apostrophe.

    “An industry that’s got it’s fair number of challenges, but is still full of vibrant, intelligent, creative, exciting people.”

    My apologies for noting the typo, but I cannot seem to help it; I’m a born again–and the first time, too–“grammar Nazi.” I cannot seem to read a book, for pleasure or work or study, without seeing some sort of error, usually typos but sometimes grammar (notwithstanding the author’s style), issues of fact, or incongruities from page to page or chapter to chapter. My brain hangs up on these and I sometimes cannot continue until I go back and ferret out the problem.

    Of course, I also have to be very careful in my own writing and editing, because I get summarily “razzed” in return, should others find problems in my words/works. Sometimes my anxieties about possible errors cause me to take an inordinate amount of time just to write a quick note.

    All this being said, I enjoyed your writings and, in reality, the whole DGLM website. It’s done well, very readable, and the agents seem very personable and approachable. I may be calling on you in the future.

    Here’s to another stellar year for DGLM, wonderful colleagues, loving family, and more great books!

    Sincerely yours,

    (Ms) Sej Harman

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