Creative ways to give books

Every year around now, I panic over the zillions of gifts I have to get for those in my life. As my kids get bigger and involved in more activities, the list gets longer and more elaborate. And I find myself struggling to figure out what to get that hits the right notes of personal, practical, fun and won’t break the bank when I have to buy 20 of them.

I saw this piece in PW about the solid start to the holiday buying season, and it got me thinking of books and ways in which they can be included as holiday gifts. Since I work in book publishing, I try to support the industry by buying books this time of year, hard copies, and giving them as gifts. Last month at the Scholastic Book Fair in my town, I bought a wide array of books for the class, books for the kids, and a Harry Potter paperback box set for me (which I hope to start with the kids one of these days)! A percentage of sales went back to the school, so it’s a win-win.

I admit I sometimes give my own clients’ books if I’m particularly excited about a title and have multiple copies on hand. I always try to pair the book with something else – a craft book with something crafty, a cookbook with a kitchen utensil, or in some cases whatever I have left over from last year’s stash. Just kidding, sort of. What book works with a pretty soap and lotion set?

If you have any great ideas for giving books as special, fun, or different holiday gifts, please share. And which books are on the top of your list to give this year? The more we support the book business, the better off we’ll all be for it. Happy holidays, and happy book shopping!

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  1. Joelle says:

    Well, this doesn’t exactly address your question, but I thought you’d be interested in it all the same. I saw this on a blog today. The writer Kim Harris Thacker has this great post about using books for Advent: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ENS-vFPcmL4 Anyone who celebrates Christmas and loves books will think it’s cool. Especially ones with little kids.

    • Kim says:

      Thanks so much for referencing my recent blog post, Joelle, and thanks to Stacey for wanting to chat about “gifting” books!

      One of the best book gifts that I have ever been given was a pop-up version of ALICE IN WONDERLAND. I collect classic novels–in fact, I seem to collect all novels–so it can be hard to surprise me with a book gift. My husband did it, though! Now I collect pop-up books, too! My favorites are created by Robert Sabuda: https://www.robertsabuda.com/

  2. Stacey says:

    Thanks for your posts, ladies. I enjoyed the video, and I ordered a copy of Sabuda’s WIZARD OF OZ for a Hanukah gift for the kids!

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