You can’t give up.

Down to the wire this Friday, and I’m nearly all burnt out, but I’ve got to write about something. Obviously, I enjoy writing on the blog, but it’s hard to come up with interesting things sometimes and the thought of giving up is so easy. However, we all know that’s never the answer. It’s so tempting to give in to frustration—especially creatively—when you hit a wall. I know from the half-finished (who am I kidding, half-started) stories that I have scribbled in random notebooks and in folders on my home computer titled things like “These are Stupid” that it’s not getting an idea that’s difficult. It’s not even the actual act of writing or coming up with nice sentences and words that’s the challenge. It’s sticking to it, gunning forward and coming up with nuances and conclusions and places your initial idea can actually go, plausibly and satisfyingly.

I have so much respect for those of you who have more than the ideas and the passing fancy. To sit down and complete a book—who cares if it’s any good or not—is something that I admire incredibly.

So. It’s the end of the week, and you might be hitting a wall. In response, I give you this perfect flowchart posted on Book Riot’s tumblr earlier this week. There is no reason not to persevere and you know it!

One Response to You can’t give up.

  1. D. C. DaCosta says:

    Nice flow chart!

    I’ve never understood the “writer’s block” or “out of ideas” dilemma, myself. I probably can’t live long enough to write out the ideas I have scribbled down.

    My problem is, I tend to put a mystery of some sort into my stories (even the romances) because I like to give the ending a twist, a la O. Henry or Saki. Sadly for me, mystery is not my forte! I get the set up finished, and I have the surprise ending in mind…but have trouble getting the characters from here to there.

    So if I’m not actually writing, it’s because I’m brainstorming how to develop the story.

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