When all else fails…

I started a longer blog post on communication between authors and agents earlier, but it’s going to have to wait, as our book club meeting quickly approaches and I won’t be able to finish. I promise to follow up on the topic at some point in the future.

Whenever I’m under pressure for blog content, I think, “Cats!” So, for your reading pleasure, a link to these 19 photos of cats and books from Buzzfeed. Frankly, it’s probably more entertaining than what I was working on. Enjoy!

2 Responses to When all else fails…

  1. Jeff Chen says:

    There’s something so right about a cat reading the Warriors series!

    I wanted to thank you, Michael, for being encouraging a few months ago when I queried you (you were interested, but already had a project that was too similar). That one personalized e-mail meant a great deal to me, and I ended up landing an agent a month ago. We’re working on edits now.

    Thank you so much!

  2. I think it’s OK to have a fun post as we head into the weekend. We’ll all look forward to your longer post next week!

    I’m a bit disappointed none of those cats look like mine. Ah well.

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