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When I’m talking about eBooks with authors, something that always comes up is the idea of discoverability– how to get readers to actually find and purchase one of your titles. With so many titles out there, which is especially true on sites like Amazon, how do you get a reader to find your book?

So I was particularly interested in this survey posted by Digital Book World earlier in the week. What is fascinating about the findings is that people are using more and more ways to discover new works. According to Kelly Gallagher, who presented the results, readers use 44 different techniques to discover new titles. That’s a lot of ground to cover for an author.

The author of the DBW article puts it best when he says, “Imagine the complexity: a 27-year-old female romance reader from suburban Indianapolis who reads on a tablet computer but spends most of her time browsing the Web on her laptop versus a 43-year-old female romance reader living in Los Angeles who reads and buys exclusively on her e-reader. They’re both romance readers and female, but couldn’t be more different otherwise when it comes to how they discover and read books — and reaching them takes different marketing tactics.”

Something that also caught my eye: the #1 way people discover books, no matter what kind of reader they are? Either in person or through personal recommendations.

So where does an author begin? And do you find yourself discovering books in new ways?


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  1. emily says:

    I like the book ads in New Yorker magazine

  2. Over the last few years, agent blogs have become a primary way for me to discover new fiction. I take special note if you are promoting something of interest to me, but the real treasure seems to come from the comments; I always come away with more book titles than I could read right away!

    For non-fiction, I’ll get interested in a certain topic, and then either want to read everything by a certain author, or will hunt down the works they cite.

  3. I attended the Digital Book World Discoverability and marketing conference this week and was inspired to write 2 blogs based on what I learned and observed. The first: The Future of Discoverability is Cloudy with a Chance of Rain (, takes the content of the conference and forms predictions about the future of book discoverability. The second: Confessions of a Book Promotion Junkie- Unfound, ( takes a more practical approach and reveals tips every author and publisher should know and employ to improve the chances of discoverability.

    Hope this is helpful!

  4. D.C. DaCosta says:

    I guess I’m stuck in the 19th century. Silly me, I thought it was the job of the author to write and of the PUBLISHER to sell.

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