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Having spent my lunch hour today booking rental cars for various trips this summer, I’ve got vacation on the brain, which means I’m also thinking about reading for pleasure. Not that I get a ton of time to read on vacation anymore—with two boys to chase after, my days of reading quietly on the beach seem to be a thing of the past. But nevertheless, I always try to leave the city with at least one more book than I think I will actually get through, on the off chance that I can snag a few hours of sustained reading time.

Anyway, I’m looking at my reading list, and it’s all novels. And while that’s fine, I do feel like I want to mix it up with at least one nonfiction piece. Typically, I indulge in a rock star bio, but I can’t think of anything recent that I want to pick up. So, anyone have a good rec for a new biography or autobiography? Would love a good tip for the trips!

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  1. Joelle says:

    This is old, but I love this book…Carol Burnett’s ONE MORE TIME. http://www.amazon.com/One-More-Time-Nonfiction-Classics/dp/0812969723/ref=sr_1_2?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1340150154&sr=1-2&keywords=carol+burnett It’s really fantastic. One of my favourite bios. It’s all about her childhood and before she hit it big.

  2. Ciara says:

    If you haven’t already read it, Let’s Pretend This Never Happened by Jenny Lawson is definitely worth reading. I couldn’t stop laughing.

  3. YA Writer says:

    Have you read The Water is Wide by Pat Conroy? A wonderful memoir I think everyone should read. I just gave a copy to my stepdaughter the other day…

  4. Joelle says:

    Oh, and Bill Bryson’s THE LIFE AND TIMES OF THE THUNDERBOLT KID. And if you like baseball THE BULLPEN GOSPELS is pretty good.

    By the way, the captcha is REALLY hard to read and I usually get it wrong. GRRR. 3 times this time

  5. Gill Avila says:

    Neon Angel: A Memoir of a Runaway by Cherie Currie.

  6. D. C. DaCosta says:

    Not so “recent”, but how about “Gracie: A Love Story” by George Burns?

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