Did your city make the cut?

The Huffington Post came out with a great article today about Amazon’s second annual list of the most well-read cities in the US. This list is, of course, based on Amazon’s sales, and as the Huffington Post points out, doesn’t properly represent places where a lot of people are still visiting traditional bookstores. Indeed, our own city doesn’t make the top ten, but I’d like to think that’s because you’re never far from an independent bookstore or a Barnes & Noble.

To that end, the lovely folks at Huffington also provide people in the #1 town of Alexandria, VA with a list of alternatives to Amazon. Still, it’s always interesting to see who’s buying what online.

Which leads me to my questions for the day: What are the top genres you tend to buy online? And which ones do you tend to buy in person?

I’m going to investigate my own book buying habits tonight, and I encourage you to do the same!

One Response to Did your city make the cut?

  1. Aww, my city didn’t make the list. I’m not that surprised, really; it’s not known for being particularly literary and while we have a great library system, a lot of bookstores have closed in the last few years.

    I have a Kindle, so most of my book-buying is online these days. Genre isn’t a determining factor in my decision to buy online or in a store, though; it’s more a matter of whether I want a print copy for myself or to give as a gift. In those cases, I usually go to a store so I can get it more quickly.

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