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Usually, when I sit down to write my Tuesday blog, I have at least some topic in mind—some event or link that I carefully filed away that will let the blog write itself. But every now and again, Tuesday afternoon arrives and I got nuthin’. Maybe it’s that this past week’s news was pretty glum—several notable authors and publishing people passed away—but there just wasn’t anything out there that’s got the creative juices going.

So, as I sometimes do when I get really, really stuck, I turned to the Books section of the Huffington Post. And I have to tell you, just a little digging totally turned my frown upside-down!

We’ve got bad book blurbs by good writers—nothing more encouraging than seeing how your literary models can really stink it up! Along those lines, we’ve got the crappy jobs famous authors worked before they made it big, a little bit of field-leveling we all could use. They even managed to find happy thoughts in some of the more depressing books around. Who knew The Old Man and the Sea was such an upper? Taking them all together, I feel positively reinvigorated!

Well, here’s the question: what sites/media/books do you visit to get unblocked or raise your spirits? I could always use some new sources for inspiration (and blogging!).

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  1. Michael G says:

    This doesn’t answer your question, John, but here is my favorite blurb of all time. It was by Roy Blount, Jr. and it appeared on the jacket of Pete Dexter’s book, Paris Trout. “I put it down once to wipe off the sweat.”

  2. Oh man, I could have used this when I was trying to think of my own blog post yesterday. It’s hard to come up with topics sometimes when nothing is making me mad or capturing my attention more than usual, writing-wise. I think this will be new required reading for me.

    Not a blurb, but I recently read a book where the back cover copy didn’t seem to match the plot of the book at all. It took about 200 pages for anything mentioned on the back cover to come into play!

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