Book love: a contest

UPDATE: Some great entries so far!!  I guess it probably would’ve made sense to set some deadlines and such, huh?  We’ll keep collecting entries till Friday at noon, and then Rachel will announce the winners that afternoon.  Keep ’em coming!

Now normally Valentine’s Day is not my thing—in high school I established a cabinet for when I take over the world specifically to delete 2/14 from the calendar—but when Rachel sent me this adorable video, my icy cold heart melted just a bit.

Via Word Brooklyn, Rachel’s favorite bookstore, via Riverhead, comes this video from LA’s Skylight Books of books that are totally gettin’ it on throughout the store.  It’s charming and adorable.  (Except that dead Steve Jobs should probably not be participating in spin the bottle.  That’s sort of icky.)

But it made me wonder about what kinds of books actually would love each other.  Fortunately, Rachel helped me brainstorm some ideas:

The Great Gatsby would be all about EmmaLord of the Flies and The Hunger Games would go steady for sure, until their romance ended tragically and prematurely.  Animal Farm and Charlotte’s Web could be a good couple since opposites attract.  And I could see a strong future for The Imperfectionists and Then We Came to the End, as long as one or the other managed to win the lottery so they didn’t have to bicker about how to pay the rent.

Which books do you think should hook up this Valentine’s Day?  Rachel and I will each select a favorite entry from the comments below to receive a DGLM mug!

13 Responses to Book love: a contest

  1. Monica says:

    The Disreputable History of Frankie Landau-Banks and Spanking Shakespeare.
    Oh, the fun they would have. . . .

  2. Anne of Green Gables and Treasure Island, because you know she really wanted something more exciting than Gilbert…

  3. Michael G says:

    Slaughterhouse Five and Catch 22. Minimalist and, well, maximalist approaches to WWII. Unstuck in time, Vonnegut’s Billy Pilgrim dips in and out of Dresden throughout the book (and for the rest of his life). Whereas Heller’s Yossarian can’t escape Pianosa, no matter how many missions he flies, no matter how many senior officers he punches out, no matter how many times he shows up naked for a medal ceremony.

  4. Amy says:

    The Phantom Tollbooth and The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland in a Ship of Her Own Making…Can you imagine the adventures their children would have?

  5. Well, naturally Nancy Drew and The Hardy Boys. But no, no, no; we cannot besmirch Carolyn Keene’s good name by suggesting that the wholesome Nancy…

    Obviously Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret would date Then Again, Maybe I Won’t, but in addition to the fact that they would break up and get back together and break up and get back together and break up for good, all in the space of six days, it’s a little incestuous.

    I am certain that Henry and Mudge would have no patience for Junie B. Jones, though she’d chase ’em.

    Which leaves, alas, Gone with the Wind and The Art of Racing in the Rain. Because Scarlett? She loves her a dog, but in the end, it’s not about Enzo, or Ashley at all. It’s all about Denny and Rhett.

  6. Rachael Gilkey says:

    Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother and A Confederacy of Dunces. You know there would be some weird co-dependency issues playing out there, before Tiger Mother loses it and totally destroys Ignatius.

  7. Ivette Plohoros says:

    Little Bee and Nervous Conditions. Read Little Bee 20 years after reading Nervous Conditions and yet I’m sure I heard the voices of kindred spirits.

  8. Joelle says:

    The Harry Potter Series and the Gallagher Girl Series could produce some kick-ass magical spies. All those top secret gadgets with some magic thrown in, could beat the pants off James Bond and Voldemort.

  9. Kim says:

    The Scarlet Letter would definitely date the Handmaid’s Tale, and the pent-up frustration would be earthshaking.

  10. Liz says:

    Golden Compass and Dr. Dolittle. I’d think the animals would find some interesting dating opportunities.

  11. ryan field says:

    “Freedom” and “Portnoy’s Complaint.” All that kvetching would be seriously powerful.

  12. Anonymous says:

    There needs to be a 3-way between the hugely successful Harry Potter and Twilight franchises with Deborah Harkness’ Discovery of Witches. Poor Diana Bishop needs to copy Hermione’s class notes, perhaps cleverly condensed into some magical Cliff’s Notes for brevity’s sake. After all, time appears to be a considerable factor in her survival. Having battled Voldemort and countless evil henchmen, Harry and Diana’s “dates” would resemble some practical applications, hands-on training. While the experienced and novice witches bond over candlelight dinner and magic, Edward Cullen will provide Matthew Clairmont a solid primer on surviving and thriving a forbidden romance, all while keeping the women they love alive.

  13. jesse says:

    I think Enders Game and the Elegance of Being A Hedgehog would find comfort in each others isolation. Tragically, Perks of Being a Wallflower would become bitter with jealousy.

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