Who doesn’t love a good diagram?

It’s been a crazy week, so I find myself scrambling at the end of the day to get this blog entry out of my head and onto your screen.  Fortunately, the fine folks at Publishing Trendsetter have provided pictures to make it all as easy as possible for me (via @publisherslunch).  One of the first questions authors often ask after the joy of the “I want to work with you!” conversation gives way to the practicalities is, “So, now what?”

Authors write, write, write.  And revise, revise, revise.  And query, query, query.  Many of them study, learn, and research as much as possible by the time they get there.  But fundamentally, the publishing process is kind of mystifying.  Even working within the publishing machine, there are departments you only vaguely understand.  The production team…produces things?  This is where Publishing Trendsetter comes in.  With charts and videos, they explain the process beginning to end. Who does what, when, and why.

Now we can all understand just a little bit better who plays what role in making the magic of books happen.

One Response to Who doesn’t love a good diagram?

  1. Donna Michelle Smith says:

    What traits distinguish amateurs from future professionals?
    What traits in a manuscript, creatively, distinguish a first time novelist as a future pro and not an amateur?
    Donna Michelle (Michelle)

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