Rejections can be fun too

I just found out a book I passed on sold to a publisher I do a lot of business with. I was on the wrong end of that judgment call, but it happens and I know how important it is to learn a lesson from it and move on. As we’ve discussed on this forum before, rejection is part of the business. Unfortunately for all of us, writers and agents included, it’s a bigger part than we’d like it to be.

So when I came across this clever column from writersdigest.com about a contest for faux rejection letters created by readers, it made me laugh. Think about books you love and books you hate and what you might say if you had the chance to reject them when you received the submission. The possibilities are endless!

Why not take a stab at it and see what you come up with? Put your editor’s hat on and send your pitches over to Writer’s Digest. If anyone gets picked for publication, let us know. Have fun, and look forward to reading your rejections!

One Response to Rejections can be fun too

  1. Bethany Neal says:

    This is reminiscent of my old synchronized ice skating days when my team would joke about “winning” because we didn’t get last. I think I need some of my fourteen-year-old self back so I can laugh off all the rejections along the road to publication and focus on the positives, like how amazingly awesome it is to be a (almost) published author.

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