I’m not a cat person.  I’ve had hamsters, ducks, rabbits, geckos and other reptiles, parrots, and several dogs, but I’ve never had a cat as a pet.  Oh, I’ve known some delightful cats who managed to combine elegance and aloofness with winning moments of affection.   I’ve also known some CFH (cats from hell).  One in particular terrorized me in my first post-college apartment.  The furball in question was my roommate’s and we shared a small place in a questionable block on the upper, upper west side of Manhattan.  It was the kind of block that, back in the day, you were scared to walk through alone at night, especially if you were young and female.  And yet, I felt safer among the drug dealers and pimps who owned the neighborhood than in my apartment with the homicidal cat.  My roommate, who loved the beast, thought her kitty was adorable—even when he flew at you with claws fully extended and spittle flying from his open mouth (seriously, he was possessed by Satan).  Happily, our association ended without harm to animal or human, but it could have gone badly for both.  After that episode, I considered pot-bellied pigs, skunks, spider monkeys and miniature horses as pets (actually, I considered them for my husband who is crazy about animals) but never a cat.

So, yeah, I’m not a cat person.  And yet, I love pictures of cats doing silly, stupid, adorable things.  I’m the audience for all those websites that show cats with Post-it notes on them or dangling from chandeliers or typing away at a computer keyboard.  ‘Cause, really, who can resist cute kitties and how much better is it when you don’t have to vacuum cat hair off all your clothes and furnishings to get your feline fix.

Because it’s Thanksgiving tomorrow and any of you reading this blog are preoccupied with thoughts of stuffing and how to avoid great-aunt Greta at dinner, instead of e-book pricing and effective query letters, I thought I’d treat you to this site, where every time you hit the 100-word mark you are rewarded with a picture of a pretty puss.

Enjoy!  And happy Thanksgiving to all!

4 Responses to Meowsings

  1. Joelle says:

    I kept hoping this post was going to end with, “But now I’ve seen the light and have adopted a wonderful cat!” I don’t even know how anyone can read without a cat in their lap. :-) But alas, I know cats are not for everyone. My best friend, the writer Eileen Cook, can’t imagine reading without a dog in her lap, which to me would be well…I won’t say utter horror, but totally unthinkable. So you’re not a cat person, that’s good too because, as my husband would say, “More for me!”

    Happy Thanksgiving. I’m very grateful to be one of the clients of this agency. Thanks for having me!

  2. I know a couple of people who could use that site.

    I wasn’t a cat person either until my best friend got some, and then eventually I got one. I’m still more of a dog person at heart, but I’ve warned to them considerably. The problem with cats and writing, though, is that when they want attention, they will not hesitate to meow or jump onto your lap or keyboard and stand in front of your monitor, etc. And they will be totally nonchalant about it, as if they couldn’t fathom why you would mind.

  3. Joelle says:

    Right after I read this post, I was looking at my husband’s latest flickr galleries(he’s a photographer) and he had so many animal pics that I suggested he do a collection of them in one place so he did. He calls it The Ark. Here it is. http://www.flickr.com/photos/21965819@N04/sets/72157628120933117/show/ He’s what you call a street photographer, and now he’s applying it to his animal pics. Definitely more artsy than hilarious (although some are funny). Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. Andrea says:

    Someone once said (I can´t remember who, I think it was a writer): The ancient Egyptians worshipped cats as gods. Cats have not forgotten this. :-)

    I love cats… Their independence, their arrogance, it´s so funny. And a lot of them are master manipulators. I love it when animals outsmart humans.

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