Baby pictures of your favorite authors

It’s fall in New York (my favorite season), and my obsession with pictures, especially of my kids (first day of school, with pumpkins, in costumes!), continues as I start to think about holiday cards.

This won’t get you published, but I thought it was worth sharing this fun link tweeted by a client of mine that shows baby pictures of a number of famous authors. It’s kind of neat to see writers like Salinger and Fitzgerald (looking like an adorable baby girl!) captured in images of their youth.

If any of you aspiring authors achieve this level of fame and success, do you have a picture from your childhood you’d like to share with your fans? Send them our way. I’m conjuring images of my own kids captured in photos when they were small glancing at their books, sometimes staged with my authors’ books, sometimes upside down, but at least we are trying to encourage a love of reading and books at a young age!

My oldest daughter with a galley of one of my books in 2006

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  1. What a complete cutie! And that looks like a galley of Comeback (such a great read) which shows the girl has taste as well. As far as childhood pics are concerned, there’s an old snapshot of me in my 70’s Brownie uniform with a big ol’ gap-toothed smile on my face. I still relate to the sense of goofy happiness I felt at the moment the shutter snapped.

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