World domination

When Dan Slater of Amazon, a longtime friend of DGLM, was visiting last week, I jokingly asked him what new steps his company was taking toward its ultimate goal of world domination.  Discreet as Dan is, he did not let on about the new Kindle Fire announcement (although we’d all heard buzz) but he definitely did not deny that Amazon was in the process of taking over the universe (at least the publishing universe).

Well, as the HuffPost live blog of today’s announcement by Jeff Bezos about the new tablet shows, the Amazon juggernaut rumbles inexorably on.  Not having seen one of these babies in person, I’ve no idea whether I’m going to rush out and buy the new KF instead of the iPad I’ve been thinking of gifting myself for Christmas.   On the one hand, I use my current Kindle quite a bit and, given how lame the Apple book store is, I expect that I’ll continue to get most of my online reading from Amazon anyway.  On the other hand, it’s hard to root for the prohibitive favorite in sports or big business.  I’m not sure I want to live under an Amazon dictatorship, no matter how benign.

Is it as dire as all that?  Or is this all just healthy, good fun on the part of the superpowers?  Are they just giving us all more options even as we have less and less time to avail ourselves of them?

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  1. Joelle says:

    They have a ways to go for world domination, no matter what! I just traveled from my home in Canada to the States. Everyone in Canada (on the bus and ferries) had good old fashioned books in their hands. Very heartening, although I have nothing against e-readers/books. It was just nice to see so many people reading. Of course, once I crossed the boarder, saw lots and lots of e-readers, more than books, so they’re well on their way in the US.

  2. Emily says:

    World Domination is a tricky transition — no one knows till some years later who truly dominated who in the long run.

    When asked what he thought of the French Revolution of 1789, Chinese leader Zhou Enlai answered, “It is too soon to say.” And that was 200 years after the revolution. Also, please note, the French had a spell of domination in Indochina and a war in Vietnam. What did the revolution mean? It was less about world domination than defining a citizen’s relationship to government.

    Regardless of the outcome for tablets, you and I live in a period of shifting powers — and its just begun — citizen relationships to communication are being redefined now.

    My first desktop computer was in 1987. An event that is now closing in on a quarter-century ago. Who knew then, as I looked at yellow letters on a black screen and was forced to learn MS-DOS [Microsoft Disk Operating System], that we would be talking about tablets and gee-whiz networking in a few years?

    What relationship does the iPad define? Or, for that matter, any new technology? And, for us slugging away on books — what relationship does the iPad and other eReadrss define between the writer, reader and all the middle folk who convey ‘books’ to market?

  3. I’m a gadget geek at heart with one caveat — thus far I have resisted purchasing anything from Apple. I just don’t like a lot of their business decisions, like for example: batteries that can’t be replaced without sending the product back to the factory and spending what a new one would cost; no SD slot; the ability to ban or delete any content that Big Brother (aka Steve) deems inappropriate; no Flash; the tendency to appropriate the work of others by placing it in a prettier box and calling it “new,” etc. So, if I ever get a tablet, it’s likely to be the Kindle (I’ve already got two of the readers and the Kindle app on my Android phone). I’ll probably hold off until I read more about it, get some reviews, and find out if the rumor that a next-gen Fire could be out as soon as Q1 2012. I like what I see so far, though. Kudos to Amazon.

  4. Aonghus Fallon says:

    I think Amazon are on a roll at the moment, but the reality is that anybody could set up a website and publish stuff using proprietory software that’s compatible with your i-pad etc. My guess is that – as opposed to Amazon being the dominant/only player in the field – the market is more likely to fragment into a variety of different ebook suppliers.

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