Looking for inspiration (in some unusual places)

Yesterday I was talking to author David Hewson, who I know since he’s collaborating with one of my clients on a project, and he told me about a book he has coming out next Spring from Bloomsbury called Writing: A User’s Manual. He told me the idea for it began when some of his blog posts on the subject started generating attention, so I went to check out what advice he has to offer on his website, davidhewson.com.

I looked up the 135 entries that pertain to writing and found a treasure trove of interesting, informative, useful, and very specific advice here, with a strong focus on software tools for writers. He even released an e-book on writing with Scrivener. It’s also more than a peek into the author’s process, one which is very interesting, especially since much of his work is historical and based on extensive research (think multiple computers and screens).

I found this post particularly fun. In it, David shares his favorite (unexpected) writing devices, including a dog and a lawnmower, and it makes me want to ask all of you authors out there where you go and what you do to find your best inspiration?

2 Responses to Looking for inspiration (in some unusual places)

  1. I get most inspired in my car, which is frustrating because I can’t write while driving, so I’ll pray for red lights so I can jot down quick notes. Otherwise, looking at landscapes does it for me; they provide an aura for the book, and I want to start filling them with people. Maybe not the weirdest or most original inspirations, but they work.

  2. It depends on the project. Last year I kept a journal in iambic pentameter, so it was about being attentive to “triggers” – a gloomy sky at the end of my son’s playdate in winter; noticing tulips blooming when I had lost track of what season it was; a bedtime song, and the lucy skeleton.

    This year I’m recasting little-known fairy tales into verse. I read them, and read them, and read them (my God there are so very many). On very rare occasion, one will make me go oooooooohhhh…

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