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While Jane’s off gallivanting around the Middle East riding camels and taking in ancient history on her very well-earned vacation, I’ve been holding down the fort here at DGLM.  Really, the fort runs pretty smoothly on its own, but given the general state of my piles (I turn my back on them and they procreate), I find myself a bit more overwhelmed than usual this week.

So, instead of one of my lengthy, ruminative blog posts that I know many of you look forward to like the season finale of Dancing with the Stars (right? right?), I give you this link I came across a couple of weeks ago on the Huff Post.  It’s about the care and handling of agents, once you bag one, but I think it applies to most professional interaction, which mostly boils down to “don’t be annoying.”

Certainly, not being annoying is something we at DGLM are always striving for with abysmal levels of success.  And, we really do understand and empathize with our more neurotic clients when their craziness overwhelms their common sense, but we are also absurdly grateful when writers are well behaved and pleasant to interact with.  So, take a look at the piece and let me know which of these areas you find most challenging.

3 Responses to Handle with care

  1. Catherine Whitney says:

    If I were a first-time writer or someone who had just nabbed an agent, I would be bummed by the tone of the HP piece. Although the advice seems right, it is delivered in a very hostile tone (I thought), and while there are many “Don’ts” there are no “Do’s.” The general attitude is, “You craven fool, stop drooling on my shoes.” How about an article that actually describes the nature of an effective, mutually respectful author-agent relationship?

  2. The suggestions seemed pretty logical, except perhaps for the last sentence in point #3. As a new client I would expect to be at the bottom of an agent’s priority list, and wouldn’t feel right pestering for attention, but I would still anticipate the same professional courtesies as any other client. The article made it sound like agents don’t intend to perform many of their contracted responsibilities on behalf of a newcomer, and I sincerely doubt that.

    Happy fort sitting. :)

  3. Hillsy says:

    “…….but given the general state of my piles……..”

    Toooooooooooooooooooooo much information! They say sitting on a cold fort can do that, though.

    (Sorry to lower the tone….hehe)

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