A quiet place

It’s not a great news week. I’m particularly disturbed by all of the executions in the news, to the point that I can’t seem to articulate my feelings. As I write this, the Dow is dropping precipitously, and the world’s economy seems in freefall. And I just read that subatomic particles may travel faster than the speed of light, which while not bad news, messes with my head in uncomfortable ways.

So it’s with great anticipation that I await the arrival of my new reading chair next week. I’ve been wanting a really comfortable, high-backed, nice-looking chair for some time, but it wasn’t until a recent trip to a furniture store that I found something that fit the bill. Ever since I moved to L.A., I’ve been more cognizant of the fact that I just didn’t have a good reading spot. My desk chair is fine, but I like getting away from the computer to read. There’s more than one couch here, but I find myself shifting from sitting to lying in one position, then another, then the other direction, then back up to sitting–every few minutes. I like to sit out on the balcony, but as winter approaches, light starts to be an issue. None of these options was great for immersive reading.

I’m looking forward to spending some quality time with my butt in the chair, reading submissions, clients’ manuscripts, and even books that have nothing to do with work! Because reading time is, dare I say, sacred, quiet time, and I’m excited to have the right chair to do it in.

How about you all?  Do you have favorite reading spots?

4 Responses to A quiet place

  1. Teri Carter says:

    Funny, I just blogged this week about how I need to start reading while sitting up. I lay down, I nod off. When did that start?? Anyway … I, too, will be needing a good chair. I’ve tried the couch and, while it feels comfortable at the time, I’m pretty sure it’s killing my back.

    This bad news week is a good time to stop reading the news and get to my stack of new books: The Art of Fielding, Life with a Star, We the Animals, and The Tragedy of Arthur await.

  2. I guess I’m the opposite. I love reading on my couch or in my bed. I’m at a desk for a good portion of my work day and then for a while longer when it’s time to write at night. I like being able to get in a different position and move around at will.

    Sometimes I’ll bring a beach chair out on my patio, though. As long as I can cross my legs like a pretzel, I’m happy. I do a lot of reading on my exercise bike, too, but that’s more to pass the time as I cycle.

  3. Amy says:

    The subatomic particles/faster than speed of light thing threw me, too.


  4. Ty Shiver says:

    I read in a glider. (A chair used for rocking all three of my babies years ago.) I love it. Curled into the soft, worn fabric and letting it rock me while I’m whisked away. :)

    It is situated in the corner of my office by a tiny table for my coffee.

    I hope you love your new chair!

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