Summer swan song

It’s one of those harsh realizations to know that, with Labor Day fast approaching, summer is just about over.  I hope that for our writer/readers out there, the summer was a relaxing and productive time. Without a doubt, the summer is often the perfect time to recharge, and refill that mental gas tank.  Because just as writing is an all-encompassing endeavor, writer’s block can be an equally frustrating and uncomfortable feeling, and more importantly a reminder that the proverbial tank is low on creativity.

Since it is, unfortunately, impossible to simply refill in an instant, there are ways to replenish creative resources.  Sometimes getting away from writing for a period of time can allow you to find inspiration in the little things.  Instead of paying attention to what’s in front of you—a computer screen—it can be very beneficial to take a step back and pay attention to what’s around you instead. Reading can also serve the same purpose. Taking even just a few minutes to read something completely different can often spark new ideas or a new approach to your topic. Sometimes we can also find inspiration in the littlest things—how often has a tiny snippet of one passing conversation between strangers spurred an entire storyline in your head?

I hope that the past few months have been a time of refueling our readers and that the turn of the season will bring renewed energy to your writing.  Have you used the summer months as a time for reenergizing and if so, how?

3 Responses to Summer swan song

  1. Tamara says:

    I have to say that the two most energizing things for me, as a writer, are to read a book that knocks my socks off or to talk for even just 5 minutes with a great writer friend or another great reader. It keeps me going through dark days. (Thanks, Stephanie, for the great topic!)

  2. I ran pretty close to full speed all summer, but I only had one class for grad school, so that did allow me more time for writing, revising, and relaxing. I wouldn’t say I’ve so much refueled as just taken a few minutes to jog between sprints. Now here I go again!

  3. C. R. Boone says:

    I love the idea of taking in the little things, but summer has been busy since I joined a critique group. However, I did enjoy visiting my two-year-old nephew. Just wish I had some of his energy to help push through the rewrites. Fingers crossed for some downtime this fall.

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