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Being that it’s August, traditionally the quietest time in the publishing world, I’ve been dutifully catching up on queries and submissions the last two weeks. And as I sort through the emails and letters, the vast bulk of them are middle-grade novels, adult thrillers, and picture books manuscripts. Now, I’m certainly on the hunt for good books in these categories, and so I truly appreciate them coming my way (though for picture books I’m really only interested in author/illustrators). But going through the ol’ in-box, I’m realizing that there’s been a serious dearth of nonfiction.

As I was discussing with an editor over lunch today, one of the best parts of agenting for me is the ability to represent nonfiction, because I rarely did any nonfiction as a children’s book editor. But now, all the subjects I used to enjoy solely in my pleasure reading have become potentially viable book projects. And I’ve been doing well with nonfiction, too—in fact, my three most recent sales were all adult nonfiction projects.

So, as the title says, SEND ME NONFICTION! Narrative nonfiction on music, sports, other performing arts, pop culture, health, popular science, business, military history, humor, and memoir—if you’ve got it, I want to see it!

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  1. mark clemens says:

    “Think and Grow Fit:|” (A Reasonable Person’s Guide to Getting Fit and Staying that Way Forever) argues that you really only need two things if you want to stay fit forever. First is a good friend or spouse, who supports your wanting to be that. Second is a fitness lifestyle that is as regular and commonplace as the daily brushing of your teeth. Everyone knows they need these, but too few really act on it. This book offers some reasons why, and some suggestions of how to more effectively do what we all know that we should.

    I live in Charlotte, NC and can be seen every morning around 5:00 AM at the Anytime Fitness in a nearby suburb. I’m concerned with fitness for baby boomers, largely because I am one. But others can benefit as well. I was obese 45 years ago, took 15 years to win my one and only athletic trophy, but am currently able do more athletically than when on the swim team in high school. I am living proof that you can get better with age. The same can be true for you.


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