Libraries of the rich and famous

As my wife would probably tell you, home design isn’t usually my cup of tea. But I couldn’t help myself on this one: the Accredited Online Colleges blog (I know, random—thanks to the good folks at Shelf Awareness for digging it up) posted this awesome slideshow/list of 20 celebrity libraries to die for.

Leather binding! Oriental rugs! Mahogany! Fireplaces! Ahhh….

While I’m sure it would be lovely to sink into one of the couches in the Hearst library, my faves here would have to be Nigella and Keith Richards—something about the clutter makes them look like places you’d actually want to read, instead of just admire. Though I do like the clean look of Jane Fonda’s room—feels like a great space for escaping from the world.

On the other hand, what’s up with Sting, Rod, and Michael and their stuffy, faux British-manor reading rooms? Not exactly sex, drugs, and rock n’ roll, guys. And while I guess Karl Lagerfeld’s space is meant to be utilitarian, you’d think a fashion designer would come with something a little more… attractive?

Thoughts? Picks? Pans? Anyone know other celeb libraries worth checking out? If so, please link away…

5 Responses to Libraries of the rich and famous

  1. Melissa Alexander says:

    My favorites are the messy ones that actually look like they’re filled with books to be READ — like Nigella Lawson’s and Keith Richards’. Those are rooms I would enjoy being in.

  2. Terri Gibson says:

    The best libraries are the ones where the books look like they’ve been read–Keith Richards’ and Nigella’s for sure. I get the feeling you could walk in there, pick up a book, and they’d say, “That’s a really good one!”

  3. Suzanne Warr says:

    Wow, the Hearst library is to die for. If it looks to clean, that’s okay. I could make it messy. I have a new aspiration in life, and that library is it!

    What do you guys think of the castle library in Disney’s Beauty and the Beast? I can’t remember details (it’s been awhile) but my impression was pretty favorable. Maybe I’m just greedy? lol

  4. Ahh, these are making me miss all the books I just got rid of. I needed to downsize and got rid of many books I didn’t enjoy/couldn’t see myself reading again (most of them freebies at conferences and conventions), but doing so did dash my dreams of having the Most Awesome Library Ever. Well, my Kindle did that, actually. Oh well, at least I work in a library so I can get my printed book fix whenever my own shelves aren’t cutting it.

    @Suzanne: The Beauty and the Beast library was my dream since childhood!

  5. Gill Avila says:

    How about the libraries of the poor and obscure? Would my particle board, brick-and-board, banker’s boxes and stacked-on-the-floor milk crates in my bedroom count as a library, or just an accumulation?

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