Hang ten, writer-dudes!

Dude, I totally had to blog about this piece I saw in The Guardian via yesterday’s Shelf Awareness. Yep, forget the Agatha Christie you pictured sitting in an English drawing room sketching out mysteries over scones and tea—turns out Agatha was one gnarly babe, catching tasty waves at Waikiki long before the Beach Boys were a glimmer in their daddy’s eye.

Not to read too much into this piece (that might harsh my mellow), but you’ve gotta love stories of writers trying things that seem completely at odds with their literary personae. I’m always stoked to be reminded that curiosity is a writer’s best friend, even if the experience doesn’t end up as direct material for a book—as The Guardian notes, Miss Marple never exactly shredded a fat wave…

So while chasing tubes may not be your thing, I do hope you’ll find time this summer to indulge in a totally rad, totally counterintuitive pursuit—who knows, you might end up as, er, the world’s greatest mystery writer!

One Response to Hang ten, writer-dudes!

  1. Eric Christopherson says:

    Reminds of when I saw Norman Mailer competing in synchronized swimming …

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