Heat retreat

Between the surface-of-the-sun temperatures, 900% humidity, and stinging sunburn running down my back (thanks for nothing, SPF 15), we are no doubt in the full swing of summer. And with that, mercifully, comes the summer vacation. Having previously blogged about which books should top that summer reading list, I thought it was interesting to read this piece at Salon about where to dive into those summer reads. I love the concept of a reading retreat—being able to shut out all distractions for a certain amount of time and tackle that pile of books we’ve all been meaning to get to for however many months or years.

While my own personal reading retreat in the middle of August will be decidedly less fabulous than the ones mentioned in the piece (rural Italy, England, etc), I do look forward to the retreat aspect. I’ve already got a teetering stack of books to choose from, now I just need to decide where to park myself…

With that in mind, do you plan to take any time for some getaway reading? Or will you spend that time writing?

3 Responses to Heat retreat

  1. Lisa Marie says:

    Well, we’re nose to nose in terms of heat, Stephanie. And the entire state of Texas is one big firetrap because we haven’t had rain in so long. The swimming pool? Forget it. There are way too many people in there. Like, twenty. With their dogs. Yikes.

    I’m parked INSIDE with my books *and* my writing and the A/C cranked down to 70 degrees. Well, okay, so I’m outlining. That’s as much as my brain can handle right now.

    I try not to move around too much unless it’s to refresh my iced coffee …

  2. Jen Daiker says:

    I’ll be an equal opportunity user. Half my time for writing the other half for reading. I can’t seem to tear away from either so I do my best to treat myself to a delicious read and then dive into writing.

    My favorite reads during the summer months – travel books. I’ll pick one up and pretend to visit each place they talk about. It’s a nice way to quickly take in a vacation, no vacation time applied.

  3. For the last several years I’ve ended up finishing the first draft of a novel in late June/early July, so summer is more of a small-break-then-lots-of-revision time for me, which lends itself to a little more reading than usual. I’m actually starting some revisions today!

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