DGLM Update: Summer Edition!

Coming to you from the blazing hot (this is actually a little bit of a lie as we’ve had a respite the past couple of days) middle of July, here’s a little look at what’s been happening at DGLM these past couple of weeks. Like we’ve been telling you, summer doesn’t mean all work comes to a screeching halt! As dedicated, dutiful agents are wont to do, there’s been a lot of selling going on around here.

First since we last convened is The Panini Happy Cookbook, by Stacey’s client, Kathy Strahs, who is a food blogger and creator of the Panini Happy website as well. This cookbook filled with over 200 fun and delicious recipes was sold to Dan Rosenberg at Harvard Common Press.

Next, Jim sold the YA anthology, Defy the Dark, compiled and edited by Saundra Mitchell to Anne Hoppe at Harper Teen. As the title might suggest, this collection centers on those stories that could only happen at night.

As June began, Jane sold New York Times reporter Joe Berger’s The Pious Ones, depicting the fabric of everyday Hasidic life and exploring how it has allowed them to re-establish themselves as a burgeoning community, while also unflinchingly examining the conflicts between Hasidim and the wider society to Claire Wachtel at Harper.

Paul Gude’s debut picture book, Giraffe and Elephant, about a silent giraffe and a lovable elephant was sold by John to Kevin Lewis at Hyperion.

Richard Gropp’s Bad Glass is up next. Jim sold this sci-fi horror novel about a young photographer who travels to the barricaded city of Spokane, Washington, in the hopes of gaining attention of his work by photographing the bizarre incidents occurring there.

Jane sold Tayari Jones’ latest, Dear History, which is a multi-voiced novel chronicling three generations of the Washington family from 1930 to the present day and is a sweeping account of American history chronicling events which act as anchors for the deeply personal narrative of a family that struggles to stay together in an ever-changing world to Andra Miller at Algonquin.

National Book Award finalist Sara Zarr’s The Lucy Variations, about a former prodigy’s developing friendship with her younger brother’s new piano teacher, one that brings as much confusion as it does happiness, was sold by Michael to Julie Scheina at Little, Brown.

Ericka Blount Danois’ SOUL TRAIN’S MIGHTY RIDE: Behind the Scenes of America’s Favorite Dance Show, represented by John, is the first book to chronicle both the glitz and glamour as well as the social and civil rights importance of the longest-running, first-run, nationally syndicated program in television history. This went to Mike Edison at Backbeat.

A new paranormal series by Alesia Holliday, The League of the Black Swan is a vampire set for young adults sold by Jim to Cindy Hwang at Berkley.

Michael’s client, Suzanne Selfors, rounded out her middle grade adventure trilogy that began with Smells Like Dog. This third and final installment was sold to Julie Scheina at Little, Brown.

New York Times bestselling author of So Easy and The Food You Crave, as well as host of the Food Network/Cooking Channel show Healthy Appetite, Ellie Krieger’s revised and updated edition of Small Changes, Big Results was sold by Jane to Emily Takoudes at Clarkson Potter at the end of June.

Saundra Mitchell’s next two books, Mistwalker, about a local legend in a lobstering town in Maine and the girl who becomes entangled in its mysteries, and Aetherborne, the conclusion to Mitchell’s series of alternate histories were sold by Jim to Julie Tibbot at Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

Fathomless, a modern Little Mermaid retelling in which a young mermaid wants to leave the sisterhood of dark, soulless creatures and regain her humanity—which she can only do by convincing a mortal to love her and stealing his soul, was written by Jim’s client Jackson Pearce and went to Julie Schiena at Little, Brown.

Jessica’s most recent deal is an as of yet untitled illustrated wedding guide written by Piage Appel and Kelly Harris of the California-based event planner and design team, Bash, Please went to Kathleen Jayes at Rizzoli.

Lastly, Jane sold Blue Chair Fruit Company owner Rachel Saunders’ follow-up cookbook on jam and marmalade, with 150 original recipes–a mix of savory and sweet, to Kirsty Melville of Andrews McMeel.

Now. What are you doing sitting inside at the computer? It’s absolutely GORGEOUS outside!

3 Responses to DGLM Update: Summer Edition!

  1. Kim says:

    Unfortunately, where I live, it’s still like a blast furnace–and a meat locker inside.

    While researching appropriate agents, I almost always come up with great books that must be read, and there are certainly quite a few on this list. Definitely must have the Ellie Krieger as I didn’t know of the book prior to her revising it.

    So many books, so little time…

  2. Saundra says:

    Jim is an AWESOME machine!

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